Bratstreet Webcomic : Interview with Edward Justinen !

Bratstreet Webcomic : Interview with Edward Justinen !
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Bratstreet is an online comic strip written and illustrated by Edward Justinen.

Those nice reading that make you smile and think !

Welcome Edward !

– Where do you come from ? 
Sunshine Coast BC
– How old are you ? 
– Influences ? 
So many. Foxtrot, Garfield, Bloom County, Calvin and Hobbes to name the most prominent. Worked in Childcare for 20 years, and that’s the main inspiration for the strip.
– Art school or not ? 
– Favorite digital art software ? 
I only edit on my phone and use Snapseed and Sketch
– Your working method ? 
Pencil and ink. I use Pigma Micron and Uniball Vision Elite pens
– What your webcomic is about, in a symbolic way, the hidden sense ? 
It’s about the misconceptions we have about children and their way of looking at the world and the way we look at them.

– Tell us more about your main character, the hero ! 
Charli would be the ‘main’ Character, although all four children factor in pretty equally. Charli represents the frustrations, violence, anger, sadness and general negativity in us all, but through a lens of virtual perseverance. She doesn’t KNOW she’s any of these things, and the rest of the children serve as a foil to show consequences of acting out on those impulses.

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– How do you see your future ? 
I’d like to eventually self-publish. My goal is to share my work as widely as possible. Perhaps even bring in a side income one day.
– Your next goal ?  To get to my 100th strip.

– Advices for beginners ? 
Persevere. Even if things don’t seem to be going the way you want, keep at it. Draw a LOT.
– Your technical secret trick ? 
I wish I had one. Using a circle template for the kids’ heads is about my only ‘secret’ although I only use it to pencil. I freehand ink after that. I find the imperfections of freehand inking gives them more personality.
– Where to find you Edward ?

Thanks to Edward Justinen, support his work !                                                                    



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