FAV CREATORS : Are You The Next One ?

FAV CREATORS : Are You The Next One ?Rate webcomic on google ! Update : Vote now monthly ! Vote to promote your favorite webcomics creators on Art Of Webcomics ! Each week, Top 3 Fav Creators wins 1 week showcase for their series, and their banners remain on Top Page as long you choose them […]

Aubétoile Webcomic: Meet Vanillazuki !

Aubétoile Webcomic: Meet Vanillazuki !Rate webcomic on google ! Not easy to launch a new webcomic series today and reach audience. Aubétoile (Dawnstar) is brand new, and we wanted to be the first to highlight it for its launch ! Because it’s Wowsome ! Hi Ophélie ! Thank you for the interview, and I apologize […]

Project E-Underdog comics : Meet Tessa Beatrice !

Project E-Underdog comics : Meet Tessa Beatrice !Rate webcomic on google !   Underdog Comics is a project led by teenagers artists dedicated to representing the underrepresented and the misrepresented : Authentic women, ethnic minorities, the LGBT, and any excluded people or community. Essential. Let’s talk about it with Tessa Beatrice, Project E creator. Hi Tessa ! […]

Carrie & Rufus Webcomic : Meet Ben Hennessy !

Carrie & Rufus Webcomic : Meet Ben Hennessy !Rate webcomic on google ! We’ve asked few questions to Ben Hennessy, Carrie & Rufus webcomic talented creator ! Hey Ben ! – How old are you ?    I’m 31… guess I’d better start saving for that new hip I’ll need in the near future. – Influences […]

Introducing Art Of Webcomics !

Introducing Art Of Webcomics !Rate webcomic on google !   Art Of Webcomics is a brand new place for #webcomic creators  and webcomics addicted ! Artists interviews, tips and tricks , behind the scene, master class … Grow your passion ! Learn how to create stunning webcomics with the best free digital art tutorials ; get free and […]

Secret of a great page

Secret of a great pageRate webcomic on google !   Ne-ver bo-ring ! That’s the secret of a great webcomics page. When you draw, ask you two questions : What do I must show ? What do I not ? Think rythm, breaks, hangs ! 😀 Don’t forget : Webcomics is an elliptical art. Keep […]

Secret of a great story

Secret of a great storyRate webcomic on google !   Are you ready ? Here is the golden rule of a great story. The desire, the quest of the hero The hinderings ! How is it hindered !! Yes, it’s that simple ! Ask yourself these questions : What is the goal of my character ? How […]

Secret of a great bad guy

Secret of a great bad guyRate webcomic on google !   You want to create an unforgettable bad guy hum ? Here is the secret : Its silouhette ! What symbol in its shape ? Think mass and silouhette before tracing a line. Keep the good work !  Secret of a great bad guy Secret of […]