Drama Llama Webcomic : Meet Steph Owen !

Drama Llama Webcomic : Meet Steph Owen !
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Storybaord artist and character designer,

Steph Owen has strong skills in 2D animation.

Yes, she draws also webcomics !

“Drama Llama” is one of them.

Hi Steph !

– Where do you come from ? 
I was born in North Carolina, but I currently live in Virginia in the US.
– How old are you ? ( tell it or not !) 
Somewhere between 18 and 23
– Influences ? 
Mucha, Loish, Charlie Bowater, Minkyu Lee, Ilya Kuvshinov, and the list goes on
– Art school or not ? 
Graduated, but most of my knowledge comes from online tutorials and dedication while trying new things.
– Favorite digital art software ? 
Paint Tool Sai, Adobe Sketchbook Pro for animation and rough sketches.
– Your working method ? 
Struggle, fall, die. Just kidding. I start off by drawing a super small thumbnail, then I do a super rough scribbly sketch in either Paint Tool or Sketchbook. I think working to get the lines nicer is the main struggle, because I slowly work from refining a series of rough sketches. After I have a defined line for the characters I then turn to work out a background. Finally, color the characters first, then the background. Shading is all done on different layers as well as different lighting.

– What your webcomic is about, in a symbolic way, the hidden sense ? 
Whelp, especially in Drama Llama, when it comes to Homegirl Hyorin, she sort of runs into all the troubles a socially anxious college newbie might have. Her struggles are sort of derived from personal experiences between both me and my younger sister, as we are both sort of awkward, but likable humans. It’s also sort of based off of every K-Drama I’ve ever watched because I find them so enthralling.
– How do you see your future ?
It’s too distant to tell at the moment. Sometimes I try to be a bit of pessimist just so I can be pleasantly surprised later on. Right now, cat lady.
– Your next goal ? 
Finish a chapter of either Drama Llama or Sheep’s Tail.
– Advices for beginners ? 
Don’t give up. Also, reference. One of my professors used to say: “If you put junk in or nothing at all, how can you expect to crap that golden nugget?” You aren’t in this alone
either. No one was born doing the thing they are great at now. You learn by looking to others. Lastly, there are four things:

1. Conscious Incompetence
2. Unconscious Incompetence
3. Unconscious Competence
4. Conscious Competence

Most people don’t make it to 4. Don’t be most people. Whenever someone tells me I can’t, I do. Don’t ever become someone to yourself.
– Your technical secret trick ? 
Circles. Lots and lots of circles. Which evolves into spheres and everything is comprised of them. As well as cubes. Learn these and conquer the world. When I don’t know where to start, I use a circle.

Thanks to Steph Owen !


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