RIGHTEOUS Webcomic : Meet Kevin Sheller !

RIGHTEOUS Webcomic : Meet Kevin Sheller !
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Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you Kevin Sheller :

One of the best storyteller at the moment. “RIGHTEOUS” is a Taylor Made webcomic !

Hi Kevin, nice to meet you !

– Where do you come from ?

Chicago, IL

– How old are you ? ( tell it or not !)


– Influences ?

I actually believe that my purpose in life might very well be to create this comic book.

Reason #1: I’ve always loved stories about the regular, everyday world infused with a single element of the supernatural. I’ve been fascinated with the characters’ moment of discovery. How do people handle this incredible revelation? I think Liar, Liar and Groundhog Day were the very best movies of that genre, and I’ve watched them many times over.

Reason #2: I’ve always liked writing, and I have scratched that itch by writing a novelette, articles for multiple publications, started my own publication, and I write hundreds of emails per week as a producer in the video game industry

Reason #3: I’ve also enjoyed comic books since I was a nerdy kid in the 70s and 80s. Peter Parker was my hero, and his origin story perfectly satisfied my love for that supernatural in everyday life thing ! 

Reason #4: As I mentioned, I’m a senior producer in the video game industry, so I have 20 years of experience watching amazingly talented artists and art directors do their thing!

Reason #5: A few years ago I picked up Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, and I was amazed at his modern take on the sequential art medium. Kirkman’s Invincible also blew me away – he actually created a Super-Hero comic that is original, deep, and WAY better than anything Marvel or DC has ever done. I plan to use a lot of what I learned from Invincible on future issues of Righteous.

Reason #6: Bernie Sanders has changed the way I look at all human beings. Here’s a guy who just tries to do “the right thing,” and everything else be damned! I love seeing those old videos of him going on his tirades. It proved to me that pursuing purity and love was actually more important to him than pursuing career goals — and until that point, I was pretty sure that wasn’t even POSSIBLE.

Reason #7: I have recently gone through a transformation that is a bit similar to Daniel’s (the main character in Righteous.) Mostly from my experiences with psychedelics, meeting wonderful souls, and opening my mind to the possibilities of the human species.

Reason #8: I have also discovered that I’m a medium, and I’m sometimes not sure if I’m actually the one writing the comic, or if I’m channeling.

Reason #9: Bashar (channeled by Daryl Anka) has been a huge influence because he teaches that you must ALWAYS follow your highest excitement, because if you do, the universe will bend itself to allow you to experience something extremely fulfilling. As long as you have no expectations as to the results !

– Art school or not ?

Nope ! Like I said before, I’m a Senior Producer in the video game industry. I learned all of my art direction skills from being surrounded by amazing artists and art directors. As a writer and producer, I have hired some great artists to create Righteous.

– Favorite digital art software ?

Photoshop, but I just do some inferior graphic design and cutting up of the final art from my artists ( Drawing and lettering by Joseba Morales, coloring by Gab Contreras ).

– Your working method ?

Follow my excitement. It’s really that simple. Whatever I feel like doing, I do. And man do I feel like writing Righteous !

– What your webcomic is about, in a symbolic way, the hidden sense ?

I’m trying to save the world, one comic page at a time. When I’m done, I hope to have an instruction manual on how to create a Utopian society. I’m attempting to do this by exploring a “perfect” view of human behavior. Sure, it’s unrealistic in many ways, but at the same time, when the story is done, I’m hoping my readers all realize how EASY it will be to accomplish.

– How do you see your future ?

I’d like to say that I live in the infinite now most of the time, but that’s not true. I actually live about a month in the future. Most of what I do in the present is to create a great 30 days from now. It used to be worse. I used to do everything to create a great 5 years from now. Maybe that means if I keep this up, I’ll eventually be living in the moment. But I hope to continue to “be the change I want to see.” And I’ll do this in the ways that I feel I’m most useful. With my entertainment experience, I currently feel that creating a visual story is the best way to get there at the moment. I will tell you that I’m planning to create a documentary next. My working title for it is called “Giving.” — Please let your readers know I’m already looking for people to help me create this !

– Your next goal ?

Save the world.

– Advices for beginners ?

Follow your highest excitement. If your desire to do it is deep, then stop at nothing to do it. Whatever *it* is. But don’t expect specific results. It might be that you were excited to create a new comic and the creation process ended up leading you to your soul mate. Perhaps it’s not the comic that needs to be completed. Perhaps the comic was just the path to get you there. And always ask yourself what your highest excitement actually is! If it changes, change with it! Don’t force yourself to do something that was your highest excitement last week. Pursue the new one! This is just your higher self telling you the right direction.

– Your technical secret trick ?

Psychedelics. Of course, this makes me look like some sort of drug addict or something. You only need to do them until you get what you need. Then you don’t need to keep doing them. I have only done them a handful of times, but wow ! Thank goodness I did.

Great thanks to Kevin Sheller. Let’s have a toast to

the RIGHTEOUS* webcomic showrunner !






*Righteous is drawing and lettering by the talented artist Joseba Morales 

and beautifully coloring by Gab Contreras







RIGHTEOUS Webcomic : Meet Kevin Sheller !
RIGHTEOUS Webcomic : Meet Kevin Sheller !
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