Webcomics revolution : Becomics rules !

Webcomics revolution : Becomics rules !Rate webcomic on google !   Becomics is a new platform designed for comics lovers. A place for artists to share their work, and for fans to discover new content. Its goal ? Reimagine the format and bring web-comics to its maximum potential. We’ve met  the founders of www.becomics.com – Hi […]

Carrie & Rufus Webcomic : Meet Ben Hennessy !

Carrie & Rufus Webcomic : Meet Ben Hennessy !Rate webcomic on google ! We’ve asked few questions to Ben Hennessy, Carrie & Rufus webcomic talented creator ! Hey Ben ! – How old are you ?    I’m 31… guess I’d better start saving for that new hip I’ll need in the near future. – Influences […]