The Angel With Black Wings webcomic : Meet Mharz !

The Angel With Black Wings webcomic : Meet Mharz !
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The Angel With Black Wings is a stunning webcomic

written and drawn by Mharz, a complete artist.

She tells us more about her working method and projects.

Hi Mharz !
– Where do you come from ?
I live on Philippines in southeast Asia.
– How old are you ? ( tell it or not !)
I’m in my 20s now but I won’t specify the exact age !
– Influences ?
Shilin Huang (creator of Carciphona webcomic), Tite Kubo (creator of Bleach), Takeshi Obata (artist of Deathnote)
– Art school or not ?
I’ve never been to an Art college (except for that short course I did that didn’t help) but I wouldn’t count it out becos you can find friends and mentors there thus boosting your networks. All the stuffs I know now I learned it from the animation studio I used to work in for three years.
– Favorite digital art software ?
Photoshop, Clip Studio, and Medibang
– Your working method ?

I started using the pomodoro technique late last year and it worked wonders on my productivity.

Art-wise I have tons of variations that will take too long to explain.

 – What your webcomic is about, in a symbolic way, the hidden sense ?
The Angel with Black Wings is a drama fantasy webcomic about the friendship of a boy and a guardian angel who saved his life. The theme I’m focusing on basically is about platonic love and forgiveness. Many people are being hard on themselves because of what they did in the past and hopefully through this story those people will try to forgive themselves and move their life to a better direction.
– How do you see your future ?
I see myself being successful in whatever I chose to achieve. That’s it.
– Your next goal ?
Create moar comics!
 – Advices for beginners ?
Do it because you really want to. If you focus on working on it just to get followers or be famous or just for money, you’ll burn out and quit eventually. Do things that will fill your soul and give you purpose in life. You have the #freedom to create whatever you love.
 – Your technical secret trick ?
Study traditional animation. You don’t need to do hardcore animation but at least study their basic principles in drawing. Animation greatly helped me improve my drawings and I’m very thankful that I learned it first before shifting to comics.
Thanks to Mharz !


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