Ugnis Webcomic : Meet Kaoru Okino !

Ugnis Webcomic : Meet Kaoru Okino !
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Kaoru Okino is a spanish comic artist who lives in Madrid.

Works : Ugnis, Prisma

Hey Kao !

– How old are you ?
I’m 31!

– Influences ?
Since I was little I was very influenced by Akira Toriyama sensei. My style was built from Dragon Ball, and as I grew older, I have been influenced by too many artist. Right now I think my biggest influence is Eiichiro Oda sensei.

– Art school or not ?
I studied art, and went to an art academy called ESDIP, and there studied Manga along one year.

– Favorite digital art sofware ?
Manga Studio / Clip Studio Paint.

– What your webcomic is about, in a symbolic way, the hidden sense ?
There’s no hidden sense in Ugnis, just fun and the dilemma between good and evil.

– How do you see your future ?
I couldn’t say, haha.

– Your next goal ?
Make more comics! I would like to do something big one day.

– Advices for beginners ?
Draw, draw, draw. Just keep drawing and never give up!

Thanks to you Kao !

Kaoru Okino online :

Read Ugnis by Kaoru Okino


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