Carrie & Rufus Webcomic : Meet Ben Hennessy !

Carrie & Rufus Webcomic : Meet Ben Hennessy !
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We’ve asked few questions to Ben Hennessy, Carrie & Rufus webcomic talented creator !

Hey Ben !
– How old are you ?   

I’m 31… guess I’d better start saving for that new hip I’ll need in the near future.

– Influences  ?      
Far too many to list, but the most recent artists I’ve looked to for inspiration have been David Colman, Stephen Silver, Milt Kahl, Juanjo Guarnido, Sanford Greene and Frazetta.
– Art school or not ?
I went to BCFE in Dublin. I got my B.A. in animation there.
– Favorite digital art sofware ?   

Sketchbook Pro! It’s class!

– What your webcomic is about, in a symbolic way, the hidden sense ?

Haha, there is something that’s kind of hidden in my comic “Carrie & Rufus” , but like any good story it won’t be revealed until the end.

– How do you see your future ?      

Doing more comics! … and maybe owning a pair of those self tying Nikes!

– Your next goal ?         

Trying to get the next issue of Carrie & Rufus out while juggling a full time job in animation.

– Advices for beginners ?   

Absolutely EVERYONE has an idea for a comic/film/TV series. Don’t be the guy that only talks about doing it, get to work and start developing your idea.

– Your technical secret trick ?   

I wish I had one. I don’t think I believe in secret tricks, just hard work.

Thanks to Ben Hennessy !
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