VOID : Meet Darrien Kobayashi Gibson (DKG) !
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VOID : Meet Darrien Kobayashi Gibson (DKG) !

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VOID is a splendid comic online with a crazy Cyberpunk universe, don’t miss it, you’re gonna love it !

Darrien Kobayashi Gibson talks about anime, manga, and movie references, and it’s all good !

Hello Darrien, welcome !
– Where do you come?from ??
Originally from the UK but I have been living in Japan for 5 years now.
– How old are you ??
26 years old
– Influences ??
William Gibson novels, Bladerunner, Stranger Things, BLAME, Akira, Dogs bullets and carnage, Trigun, outlaw star, no guns life and Ghost in the Shell.
– Art school or not ??
I studied for a BA Hons in digital animation
– Favorite digital art software ??
Clip studio paint. (Manga studio)

– Your working method ?
I usually thumbnail on paper to start, I try and figure out the flow first, then I layout rough page layouts on procreate while I?m on my way to work and on my break time. Then I import the rough layouts to Clip studio paint and ink there. However for future projects I want to do everything traditional again.

– What your webcomic is about, in a symbolic way, the hidden sense ??
It is a cyberpunk story about a distopian future where humans are addicted to technology and have forgotten all sense of empathy. Think Bladerunner meets stranger things.
– Tell us more about your main character, the hero !?
My main character Jack is a bit of a lonely soul. He refuses to follow the trend of self modification through tech enhancements and is 100% human which is very rare in these times. As the story progresses we see Jack develop and we understand his reasons for why he is the way he is.
– How do you see your future ??
I hope to see my cyberpunk work develop into other styles, I want to be able to create a sense of mood with my work and I feel if I keep grinding at it, hopefully I can achieve it. Until I?m satisfied I?m going to keep doing my best at working on my stories and have fun.
– Your next goal ??
I?m working on a monochrome sketchbook coming out at the end of this year. I hope to also finish issue 3 of VOID this year and also work on a one shot called Xion. I have several goals for 2018

– Advices for beginners ??
Be open to criticism, don?t be too defensive regarding your work. Try and be as original as possible and create interesting stories while doing so. But most importantly have fun.

– Your technical secret trick ??
I actually don?t have any really… I wish I did.

– Your social links and website ??

Twitter : @akitBFPF144

Thanks TO DKG, a great artist !