Dawn Of The Dad : A Workday With Anita Zaramella !

Each day with Anita Zaramella is a lucky day ! Welcome to the secret of Dawn Of The Dad. Hi Anita ! – What time do yo wake up and how do you start your day’s work ? I’ve got a very regular schedule, so I wake up at 8 every day…mostly because I like it. […]

7 mins read

Next Town Over Webcomic : Meet Erin Mehlos !

Webcomic series : Next Town Over Creator : Erin Mehlos Country: US As?humble and kind as she is talented, Erin Mehlos is one of the more gifted webcomic creator today. Next Town Over is a masterpiece. Hello?Erin ! ? Where do you come from ? I?m from Wisconsin, US (practically Canada!), and I live there […]

4 mins read

R:ILPERSONA Webcomic : Behind The Starlight City Project !

As The Starlight City Project is the writer and creator of the amazing webcomic series R:ILPERSONA (Pronounced “Are” “il” “Per-sewn-ah”), R :ILPERSONA  is a team effort : Masterfully drawn by JM Valenzuela, and colored/lettered by Ludwig Sacramento. Hi Shaun ! – Where do you come from ? I come from a weird state named New Jersey, under the smog […]

3 mins read

BECOMICS Discovery : Highlithed Webcomics !

A bunch of cool webcomics from www.becomics.com A good read ! Here are?the parallel interviews of fresh webcomic artists?brought to you by BeComics ! Methodology: State of Creation by FromFinn – Hi Fionn ! Where do you come from ?? Originally I hail from Canada but I recently moved to the States. – How old […]

8 mins read

The Angel With Black Wings webcomic : Meet Mharz !

The Angel With Black Wings is a stunning?webcomic written and drawn?by?Mharz,?a complete artist. She tells us more about her?working method and projects. ? Hi Mharz ! ? ? Where do you come from ? I live on Philippines in southeast Asia. ? ? How old are you ? ( tell it or not !) I?m […]

2 mins read

Mr. Valdemar and Other Gothic Tales: Meet Jose Luis Bueno Piña

Creating webcomics is not only being skillful and defted, you must have a universe. Jose Luis Bueno Piña is the talented author of?Mr. Valdemar and Other Gothic Tales (?The spider?art by the amazing ?El Compostelo?) and its imaginary world is endless. Conversation?with a gifted?screenwriter. Hi Jose Luis ! ? Where do you come from ?? […]

3 mins read

Aubétoile Webcomic: Meet Vanillazuki !

Not easy to launch a new webcomic series today and reach audience. Aubétoile (Dawnstar) is brand new, and we wanted to be the first to highlight it for its launch ! Because it’s Wowsome ! Hi Ophélie ! Thank you for the interview, and I apologize for my poor English !  – Where do you […]

5 mins read

The Rainy Days Webcomic : Meet Dave Stankoven !

A Webcomic artist must juggle with severals skills :?script writer, storyboarder, set designer, costum?designer, producer? You have to be all at once ! Making webcomic?looks like doing a feature film or an animated movie without budget. Well, it?s not scary?Dave Stankoven ! Hello Dave ! ?Where do you come from ?? St. Louis MO ? […]

1 min read

AKRAV Webcomic : Meet QueenNati & Em !

Brought?to us by our friends of Becomics?(best comics viewer around, isn?t it), Akrav ?universe is unique, a new generationcross-genre webcomic 100% enjoyement. QueenNati and?Em give us their mojo?! Hi Nati & Em ! ? Where do you come from ?? Nati comes from South Germany and Em hails from Iceland. We?re pretty far apart, but […]

4 mins read

Final Light : Meet BraveheartTatsumaki !

Drawing comics and webcomics is sometimes your destiny : You need to do it. You have to. Moreover, you must do it. It takes courage, faith, and so much love in your heart to give. Our artist of the week has it all. We’re proud to welcome BraveHeartTatsumaki aka Tamara Garrido, the talented artist behind FINAL […]

4 mins read

ElectroMania Webcomic : Meet Kris Martini !

You love Daft Punk, TRON Legacy, and Mistery skulls animated ? She too ! “She”, it’s Kris Martini aka Dratinigirl. She’s actually pretty darn good and you’ll be hearing from her. Hey Kris ! – Where do you come from ?  Ross, Ohio USA! – How old are you ? 21! – Influences ?  Daft Punk, Vaporwave […]

2 mins read

Trash Canon Webcomic : Meet Katrin Felder !

Katrin Felder is the queen of the cool ! With ?TRASH CANON ? The tour diary?, ?she set up?the ultimate Pop Star webcomic ! Helloooww Katrin ! ? Where do you come from ? I?m from Germany ! ? How old are you ? ( tell it or not !) 30 (turning 31 in April) […]

6 mins read

Project E-Underdog comics : Meet Tessa Beatrice !

  Underdog Comics is a project led by teenagers artists dedicated to representing the underrepresented and the misrepresented : Authentic women, ethnic minorities, the LGBT, and any excluded people or community. Essential. Let’s talk about it with Tessa Beatrice, Project E creator. Hi Tessa ! – Where do you come from ? I come from a town […]

6 mins read

Hell and Heaven Webcomic : Meet Esther Quesada !

Fun but clever, magic but so Real-life, Hell and Heaven is the webcomic we all need ! But who are you Esther Quesada !? Hey Esther ! – Where do you come from ?  Spain – How old are you ?  19+10 – Influences ? Disney, Don Bluth, manga, anime, all kind of cartoons, some videogames… […]

3 mins read

Webcomics revolution : Becomics rules !

  Becomics is a new platform designed for comics lovers. A place for artists to share their work, and for fans to discover new content. Its goal ? Reimagine the format and bring web-comics to its maximum potential. We’ve met  the founders of www.becomics.com – Hi both ! Who helm this crazy project and what’s your […]

8 mins read

Carrie & Rufus Webcomic : Meet Ben Hennessy !

We?ve asked few questions to Ben Hennessy, Carrie & Rufus webcomic talented creator ! Hey Ben ! ? How old are you ???? I?m 31? guess I?d better start saving for that new hip I?ll need in the near future. ? Influences ?? ? ? ? Far too many to list, but the most recent […]

1 min read