Conduit : Inside the mind of Oliver McGlory ![:]

“Simon is an amateur paranormal investigator being haunted by a monster.” Here begins our journey with Conduit, the unavoidable webcomic by Oliver McGlory ! Hi Oliver ! – Where do you come from ?? I am from Massachusetts in the USA but I currently am living in the countryside of Japan. – How old are […]

2 mins read

Hell and Heaven Webcomic : Meet Esther Quesada !

Fun but clever, magic but so Real-life, Hell and Heaven is the webcomic we all need ! But who are you Esther Quesada !? Hey Esther ! – Where do you come from ?  Spain – How old are you ?  19+10 – Influences ? Disney, Don Bluth, manga, anime, all kind of cartoons, some videogames… […]

3 mins read