Numb: A chat with the artist Niina Eveliina Salmelin

Seeking for something different, far from the mainstream comics industry ? Just take a look at Numb, an eye catching webcomic by Niina Eveliina Salmelin. “The boundaries between life and death are shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one begins, and where the other ends?’?–Edgar Allan Poe. Hello Niina ! – Where do […]

4 mins read

Falconhyrste: interview with Melissa Capriglione feat. Clara W. !

A boarding school, fellows, an island, stranger things happened…  Welcome to the colorful land of Falconhyrste, supernatural for real ! A bunch of mysteries planned by Melissa Capriglione and Clara W. Hi Melissa ! – Where do you come from ?  Melissa is from Chicago and Clara is currently in New York. – How old are […]

3 mins read

Soul Bound Webcomic: Beyond reality with Krystina Atkins

Krystina Atkins aka Kryspix is the creator of Soul Bound. Open doors to a new world ! Welcome Krystina ! – Where do you come from ?  Australia – How old are you ?  32 – Influences ?  Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons, Critical Role, Terry Pratchett – Art school or not ?  […]

3 mins read

Soul’s Journey: interview with Sophie Pfrötzschner

Soul’s Journey is a captivating fantasy long-form webcomic created by Sophie Pfrötzschner. Want to learn more ? She’s our guest ! Captivating interview. Hi Sophie ! – Where do you come from ?  I’m located in eastern Germany. – How old are you ?  24 – Influences ?  My earliest influences can easily be traced […]

4 mins read

XII:of Magic & Muses webcomic : Meet Kristen Kiomall-Evans !

XII:of Magic & Muses is a webcomic pretty popular across the web. Krsiten Kiomall-Evans is on Art Of Webcomics ! Hi Kristen ! – Where do you come from ?? Borden Ontario Canada – How old are you ?? 29 – Influences ?? Sailor Moon, Madoka Magika, Harry Potter, Magic Night Rayearth, Tokyo Mew Mew […]

3 mins read

The Angel With Black Wings webcomic : Meet Mharz !

The Angel With Black Wings is a stunning?webcomic written and drawn?by?Mharz,?a complete artist. She tells us more about her?working method and projects. ? Hi Mharz ! ? ? Where do you come from ? I live on Philippines in southeast Asia. ? ? How old are you ? ( tell it or not !) I?m […]

2 mins read

The Rainy Days Webcomic : Meet Dave Stankoven !

A Webcomic artist must juggle with severals skills :?script writer, storyboarder, set designer, costum?designer, producer? You have to be all at once ! Making webcomic?looks like doing a feature film or an animated movie without budget. Well, it?s not scary?Dave Stankoven ! Hello Dave ! ?Where do you come from ?? St. Louis MO ? […]

1 min read

Project E-Underdog comics : Meet Tessa Beatrice !

  Underdog Comics is a project led by teenagers artists dedicated to representing the underrepresented and the misrepresented : Authentic women, ethnic minorities, the LGBT, and any excluded people or community. Essential. Let’s talk about it with Tessa Beatrice, Project E creator. Hi Tessa ! – Where do you come from ? I come from a town […]

6 mins read

Hell and Heaven Webcomic : Meet Esther Quesada !

Fun but clever, magic but so Real-life, Hell and Heaven is the webcomic we all need ! But who are you Esther Quesada !? Hey Esther ! – Where do you come from ?  Spain – How old are you ?  19+10 – Influences ? Disney, Don Bluth, manga, anime, all kind of cartoons, some videogames… […]

3 mins read

ON THE VERGE Webcomic : Meet Jason Smith !

  On The Verge is a rare pearl in the ocean of webcomics, a wonderful find that we are proud to share with you. We wanted to know more about its creator, Jason Smith.   Hi Jason ! – Where do you come from ? I live just outside of Toronto, Ontario in Canada.   […]

4 mins read