Hell and Heaven Webcomic : Meet Esther Quesada !
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Hell and Heaven Webcomic : Meet Esther Quesada !

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Fun but clever, magic but so Real-life,

Hell and Heaven is the webcomic we all need ! But who are you Esther Quesada !?

Hey Esther !

– Where do you come from ? 


– How old are you ? 


– Influences ?

Disney, Don Bluth, manga, anime, all kind of cartoons, some videogames… and my own imagination.

– Art school or not ?

Nope. I taught myself but I’d love to take some master classes on digital art.

– Favorite digital art software ?

Photoshop for life! Aaaaand, Clip Studio Paint.

– Your working method ?

I guess I’m working on digital most of the time, but I like some traditional coloring (pro markers and watercolor pencils) and the usual sketching.

– What your webcomic is about, in a symbolic way, the hidden sense ?

You could say it’s a funny love story, with its misunderstandings and secrets… but also a look at racism from another point of view. Nobody is what it seems at first sight, not even all the “bad” guys, and there are several side stories hidding in the dark. Adding some magic powers and drama to the mix, you get a nice cocktail of entertainment. You might even feel attached to some of the characters. Who knows? For now, here’s a little teaser… “Ryan, a 16/17-year-old student boy, feels an impulsive interest for Esther, the girl who actualy doesn’t take him seriously. Little she knows that their lives are dangerously tied up. After some “rendez-vous” with the past, Ry’s friends will decide to go on a Halloween weekend trip in the forest and strange things will happen. Things that will change their lives forever…”

– How do you see your future ?

Creating. That’s my goal in life. Writing and drawing stories, comics, illustrations, books… maybe even moving to animation. I’m a storyteller. The possibilities are endless and I want to believe in my destiny. Gotta be positive. 🙂

– Your next goal ?

If Hell and Heaven succeeds, I want to bring other stories to life and keep going. I’d even love to create some goodies (t-shirts, mugs, posters…) and make people happy with them.

– Advices for beginners ?

Be constant. Don’t worry about your style and keep practicing (in any place you can: at school, at home, when everybody’s gone to bed..). There will be a day when you wake up and notice that your style has changed sooo much that you need to redo all the stuff you did before. It’s alright. That was the way you needed to follow. Practice makes perfect, but if you don’t succeed at first, try and try again.

– Your technical secret trick ?

A model page. If you work with layers, when starting a comic, you will need a model layout, not only for the margins but also for the layers. Make folders and layers with the things you’ll probably use. For example, one of the folders will be called Color. Inside, you add another folder called “Character 1” (you’ll change that later) and inside this one, you add other layers like “skin”, “top clothes”, “hair”, etc.

Thanks to Esther Quesada, “Hell and Heaven” is a little gem wich will grow !
Becomics : https://www.becomics.com/u/estherquesada    

DeviantArt: https://raygirl13.deviantart.com/gallery

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EstherQG

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Raygirl13

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/estherquesada