Soul Bound Webcomic: Beyond reality with Krystina Atkins
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Soul Bound Webcomic: Beyond reality with Krystina Atkins

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Krystina Atkins aka Kryspix is the creator of Soul Bound.

Open doors to a new world !

Welcome Krystina !

– Where do you come from ? 
– How old are you ? 
– Influences ? 
Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons, Critical Role, Terry Pratchett
– Art school or not ? 
Technically no. I went to university twice to try and skill up, but both courses ended up being a bust. I am majoritively self-taught.
– Favorite digital art software ? 
Photoshop for sketching, shadows and lighting stuff and Clip Studio Paint for line art and flats
– Your working method ? 
I always finish my script before I even start drawing. Then I’ll have at least a 40 page buffer before I post on the internet. I don’t handle stress well, so I do what I can to tackle that. The whole comic is then drawn on my Cintiq tablet.
– What your webcomic is about, in a symbolic way, the hidden sense ? 
Finding a place to belong, and people to love, even if everything tries to tear it away.
– Tell us more about your main character, the hero ! 
Mara is a bookworm princess who, at the beginning of the story, was supposed to die. She is a kind woman who trusts a little to easily, but she is quickly learning to be more cautious. Mara is mysteriously attached to a tome of magic spells that she has access too – although not entirely control over.
– How do you see your future ?  It would be nice if I could make a living from comics. Soul Bound has a long road, and Im looking forward to paving it. I hope my art and writing skills continue to grow. There’s only one convention where I live, and it’s not supportive of indie artists, so it’s hard to promote myself. One year if I win the lotto I’d love to go to a con in America to try and plug myself a bit better.
– Your next goal ? 
I have nearly reached the end of the first volume of Soul Bound, and I have been considering running a Kickstarter to get it printed.

– Advices for beginners ? 
Just keep drawing. Keep practising. Reference!!! People will repeatedly tell you that you’re wasting your time, but you need to do what you love. If you love drawing, draw!

– Your technical secret trick ?  I discovered the ‘?’ button on the keyboard is the transparency lock in Photoshop!! Haha but really, I try to learn from others, and be flexible with my style so I can keep improving.
– Website and links to the Soul Bound universe?


Website: (Mature warning)

Thanks a lot to Krystina, all the best !