The Constellation Chronicle: Interview with two shining stars

The Constellation Chronicle is a pulsating space opera, very well paced, helmed by EMI and SJ, better known across the galaxy as Emevsa ! Hi EMI, Hi SJ, welcome on board ! – Where do you come from ?  Emevsa is a collaborative duo. We actually come from opposite sides of the globe. SJ, our writer, […]

6 mins read

Lunch Tiiime: Exclusive interview with A.D. Birch !

Written and produced by A.D. Birch, drawn by?Guszulrus Zentlion, Lunch Tiiime is one of the successful webcomics on Line Webtoon. Here are (some of) the secrets of Aaron Birch, writer and producer of this hectic webmanga ! Hi Aaron, pleased to welcome you on Art Of Webcomics ! – Where do you come from ?? […]

4 mins read

Three For Three : Manuel Tavares out of the shadows !

In the footsteps of masters of the western with Manuel Tavares, one of the new pionneers of digital comics ! He’s on Art Of Webcomics. Hi Manuel, welcome ! – Where do you come from ?  I hail from Dighton, Massachusetts, but then I moved to North Carolina when I was around eleven with my […]

4 mins read

Silversong : Exclusive interview with Sam Chapman !

Silversong is an high fantasy adventure webcomic written and drawn by Sam Chapman, a passionate artist also member of the Comicadia collective. She answers our questions, enjoy ! Welcome Sam ! – Where do you come from ?? UK – How old are you ? 33 – Influences ?? 80’s fanatsy epics and classic like […]

4 mins read

Heirs of the Veil : The vision of Phineas and Jesse

Heirs of the Veil brings us in a kind of retro futuristic world, evoking the steampunk sometimes. A visionary neoclassical adventure ! The total success of an alchemy :?Phineas Kaldinski and Jesse Klier Hi both ! – Where do you come from ?? We’re both artists from Germany and have been working and living together […]

3 mins read

Without Moonlight webcomic : Tantz Aerine is our guest !

Pleased to welcome author and creator Tantz Aerine aka Tanya Maria Geritsidou to talk about Without Moonlight. An historical fiction webcomic wich deserves attention. Hello Tanya ! – Where do you come from ?  Greece – How old are you ?  39 – Influences ?  Herge, Naoki Urasawa, Nobuhiro Watsuki – Art school or not ? […]

2 mins read

Soul Bound Webcomic: Beyond reality with Krystina Atkins

Krystina Atkins aka Kryspix is the creator of Soul Bound. Open doors to a new world ! Welcome Krystina ! – Where do you come from ?  Australia – How old are you ?  32 – Influences ?  Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons, Critical Role, Terry Pratchett – Art school or not ?  […]

3 mins read

Soul’s Journey: interview with Sophie Pfrötzschner

Soul’s Journey is a captivating fantasy long-form webcomic created by Sophie Pfrötzschner. Want to learn more ? She’s our guest ! Captivating interview. Hi Sophie ! – Where do you come from ?  I’m located in eastern Germany. – How old are you ?  24 – Influences ?  My earliest influences can easily be traced […]

4 mins read

Damsels Don’t Wear Glasses : J. Alice Bown tells us everything !

Do you believe in magic powers ?… You will ! An excited interview about Damsels Don’t Wear Glasses with Jessica Alice Brown Hello Jessica ! – Where do you come from ?  England, west midlands Birmingham – How old are you ?  26 – Influences ?  bad urban fantasy novels, mythology, Terry Pratchett’s discworld, Del […]

3 mins read

XII:of Magic & Muses webcomic : Meet Kristen Kiomall-Evans !

XII:of Magic & Muses is a webcomic pretty popular across the web. Krsiten Kiomall-Evans is on Art Of Webcomics ! Hi Kristen ! – Where do you come from ?? Borden Ontario Canada – How old are you ?? 29 – Influences ?? Sailor Moon, Madoka Magika, Harry Potter, Magic Night Rayearth, Tokyo Mew Mew […]

3 mins read

The Punchin’ Bag : Who are you James E Couture ?

Jame E. Couture aka Slim James is good at finding humor in the banal. He is the clever author creator of  the indie comic The Punchin’bag. So Beavis or Butt-Head ? No, just Michael Kading ! Hi James ! Where do you come from ?  I’m from Yarmouth, Maine. – How old are you ?  […]

3 mins read

AKRAV Webcomic : Meet QueenNati & Em !

Brought?to us by our friends of Becomics?(best comics viewer around, isn?t it), Akrav ?universe is unique, a new generationcross-genre webcomic 100% enjoyement. QueenNati and?Em give us their mojo?! Hi Nati & Em ! ? Where do you come from ?? Nati comes from South Germany and Em hails from Iceland. We?re pretty far apart, but […]

4 mins read