Heirs of the Veil : The vision of Phineas and Jesse
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Heirs of the Veil : The vision of Phineas and Jesse

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Heirs of the Veil brings us in a kind of retro futuristic world, evoking the steampunk sometimes. A visionary neoclassical adventure !

The total success of an alchemy :?Phineas Kaldinski and Jesse Klier

Hi both !

– Where do you come from ??
We’re both artists from Germany and have been working and living together for about five years now.
– How old are you ??
Phineas is 29, Jesse is 26.
– Influences ??
Jamie Hewlett, Barbara Canepa, lots of amazing webcomic artists
– Art school or not ??
No, though Jesse is a trained design assistant.
– Favorite digital art software ??
Clip Studio Paint
– Your working method ??
Phin does the sketches, inks, shades the comic and paints the backgrounds, Jesse writes the script, does flat coloring and does the lettering.
– What your webcomic is about, in a symbolic way, the hidden sense ??
Our webcomic is about responsibilities inherited by a younger generation that has to learn to deal with them and manage to face the challenges these responsibilities pose. Basically, a young witch searching for her mother to fulfill her family’s destiny.
– Tell us more about your main character, the hero !?
We have two protagonists in the story, Victoria Seel as the primary main character and Cortez Velasquez as secondary. Victoria is a young witch that is in search of her mother in a strange and unfamiliar town. Cortez is the Strayer, a person maintaining harmony between humans and otherworldly beings. Together they are looking for Victoria’s mother and have to untangle a mystery that is threatening the peace in the town.
– How do you see your future ??
Heirs of the Veil is planned to have 10 to 15 chapters and right now we’re in chapter 2. So there’s still a good chunk ahead of us. We hope to expand the comic’s audience and connect more with our readers and other creators.
– Your next goal ??
Our next goal is to finish chapter 2 and 3 for print for a convention in September 2018.

– Advices for beginners ??
Have a good chunk of buffer already ready before you start updating your webcomic. Trust me, it will help you out immensely. Also consider that a long-time webcomic is a pretty big endeavor and many of us work on our comics for a long time, sometimes even decades. It’s okay to start with smaller, shorter comics to get a feel for it.

– Your technical secret trick ??
Lots and lots of references and Google SketchUp.

– How to follow you, never miss updates ??




– Any way to get exclusive content and previews for the fans ?


Thanks a lot to?Phineas Kaldinski and Jesse Klier, we stay tuned !

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