For Molly : The Kickstarter campaign has begun !
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For Molly : The Kickstarter campaign has begun !

Pleased to welcome the author of "For Molly" to talk about the Kickstarter campaign!



Let's begin by introduce yourself !
Gabe Cheng
What are you creating ?
A modern fantasy webcomic called "For Molly" about an anti-social talking dog that helps a recently divorced New Yorker rescue his sister from an evil that lurks in the New Jersey forest.
Goal of your funding campaign ?
The goal for the campaign is $9,500 to pay for artwork by Benjamin Sawyer, as well as rewards, shipping and Kickstarter fees.
History of the project ?
This project began it's life as a screenplay. But when I was done writing it, I felt that the story of a talking dog could best be told in comic book format.

What makes your project so special ?
At the story's center are two lonely characters with a lot of baggage. The webcomic will explore themes like guilt, abandonment and loyalty as Greg and Molly’s unlikely friendship is tested on every step of their journey.

Deadline to pledge ?
Friday May 11th. 2018
Rewards for your bakers ?
Signed post cards, enamel pins, stickers, digital wallpapers for phones/computers, posters of the cover, posters of the variant covers, get drawn into the comic and get a custom portrait by the artist!
Link to your campaign ?

Your favorite quote ?
“In the face of such hopelessness as our eventual, unavoidable death, there is little sense in not at least trying to accomplish all of your wildest dreams in life.” - Kevin Smith

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