Silversong : Exclusive interview with Sam Chapman !
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Silversong : Exclusive interview with Sam Chapman !

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Silversong is an high fantasy adventure webcomic written and drawn by Sam Chapman, a passionate artist also member of the Comicadia collective.

She answers our questions, enjoy !

Welcome Sam !
– Where do you come from ??
– How old are you ?
– Influences ??
80’s fanatsy epics and classic like Labyrith, Willow, Raven &Princess bride. DND and RPG’s also including Zelda and final fantasy. Art wise, very much french comics like Tin Tin, Skydolls and arthur de pins.
– Art school or not ??
A small one called Glyndwr in Wales
– Favorite digital art software ??
– Your working method ??
all digital!! Thou I carry a note/sketch book for flashes of inspiration. I’ll start with the chapter outline with key bullet points on what I want to get across in the chapter. After that I tend to script, almost like a play (odd I know) but I try to play the part of the characters in my head in order to write their parts. After i’ll laying the script along the thumbnails to break it all down, check composition in each scene and if it sticks to my rules of layout. After that it’s the old inking and colouring! I have been asked if use watercolours and sadly no, I dont, its digital. I chose the style of gritty traditional texture out of a love for the medium but lack of space means its digital!
– What your webcomic is about, in a symbolic way, the hidden sense ??
Ooooooh …. I’d say one of the main cores of the story is about finding the balance between compromise and personal freedom’s. To throw off the chains laid upon by society, friends and family. Accepting who we are and who our loving or forgiving our close loved ones for who they are in turn. Due to this there’s a STRONG the parent/child relationship vibe to the story. The legacy we leave to our children and how our own flaws effects their path into adulthood.
– Tell us more about your main character, the hero !?
Our main heroine, shes a sheltered little madam, naive, curious and very stubborn. Its a recipe for disaster! But with help from new found friends and rivals (act 2! aw yis!) She’ll learn! The hard way, but she will.
– How do you see your future ??
At the moment, I work full time at a studio and work on the comic in my freetime. I would LOVE to do this fulltime, even part time if I could! Hopefully in the future!
– Your next goal ??
Getting this last chapter done, then that wraps up act 1 so I can MAKE IT A HARD BACK BOOK!!! I’m going to try KS for it once I finally wrap up this chapter!!!

– Advices for beginners ??
Ooooh, now i threw myself into this head long without looking. A real leap of faith and its been an exciting and scary one. I’ve learnt a lot about my own flaws and my strengths through doing this. I mean technically you can read up the pro and cons before setting off but sometimes the only teacher is experience. One major word of advise? Everyone has advise, be prepared to listen to it but also be prepared to listen to yourself. Not all the advise you receive will suit the needs of your work or your method. Sometimes in the act of pleasing everyone, you please noone. It best to go with what resonates with you. Of course don’t use that as an excuse to dismiss criticisms you don’t agree with.

– Your technical secret trick ??
hehehe … not sure there is one! Well except for Kyle t webster brushes, those are amazing!
– Your social links and website ??
Twitter: @elixia_dragmire

Instagam: @sugarfiendgfx



Thanks to Sam Chapman for her kindness.