TURTLEBOY : Nice chat with webcomic creator Taz Hassiotis !

Enthusisatic and determined, Taz Hassiotis is the great entertainer who gave us Turtleboy ! Turtleboy is pure fun, epic adventures, but also a motivational story about surrounding yourself to acheive your goals, and a tribute to beloved classics. Today, Taz Hassiotis get the word on Art Of Webcomics ! Hi Taz, what a pleasure ! […]

8 mins read

The Adventures of Baba Bhalu : Meet the creators !

Let’s jump to London Town on the tracks of an extraordinary character named Baba Bhalu ! The Adventures of Baba Bhalu is a team effort:?Arjun Xanadu, Stephanie Chateau and?Heather Scott are our guest. Hello, welcome on Art Of Webcomics ! – Where do you come from ?? London, UK (Arjun) and Florida, US (Stephanie C. […]

5 mins read

The Punchin’ Bag : Who are you James E Couture ?

Jame E. Couture aka Slim James is good at finding humor in the banal. He is the clever author creator of  the indie comic The Punchin’bag. So Beavis or Butt-Head ? No, just Michael Kading ! Hi James ! Where do you come from ?  I’m from Yarmouth, Maine. – How old are you ?  […]

3 mins read