TURTLEBOY : Nice chat with webcomic creator Taz Hassiotis !

Enthusisatic and determined, Taz Hassiotis is the great entertainer who gave us Turtleboy ! Turtleboy is pure fun, epic adventures, but also a motivational story about surrounding yourself to acheive your goals, and a tribute to beloved classics. Today, Taz Hassiotis get the word on Art Of Webcomics ! Hi Taz, what a pleasure ! […]

8 mins read

Nine Twilights : Meet the dream team !

A comic is imagined, drawn, and then it exists. The strangest thing about it is that this world has its own life, so much so that sometimes we end up forgetting by reading the comic that people created it. Nine Twilights is that kind of story came to life magically, thanks to the great inspiration […]

12 mins read

The Punchin’ Bag : Who are you James E Couture ?

Jame E. Couture aka Slim James is good at finding humor in the banal. He is the clever author creator of  the indie comic The Punchin’bag. So Beavis or Butt-Head ? No, just Michael Kading ! Hi James ! Where do you come from ?  I’m from Yarmouth, Maine. – How old are you ?  […]

3 mins read