Comedy of the Carrion Angels : Interview with “Sheep” !

Don’t ask to know her name, she ‘ll answer you “Call me Sheep” ! The creator of The Comedy of the Carrion Angels is an enigma, that’s maybe why this webcomic is so special. No heroes there, but unmoral characters who live by their own rules in the hidden world of symbols. But make no […]

7 mins read

TURTLEBOY : Nice chat with webcomic creator Taz Hassiotis !

Enthusisatic and determined, Taz Hassiotis is the great entertainer who gave us Turtleboy ! Turtleboy is pure fun, epic adventures, but also a motivational story about surrounding yourself to acheive your goals, and a tribute to beloved classics. Today, Taz Hassiotis get the word on Art Of Webcomics ! Hi Taz, what a pleasure ! […]

8 mins read

The Solitary Divide : Lisa Nguyen is our special guest !

The Solitary Divide follows the character of Alexandra Pham, survivor in a post-apocalyptic webcomic created by?Lisa Nguyen Kind and open-minded, Lisa Nguyen talks with us about her childhood dream, her incredible series , and the way to cross a river twice ! As great artist as nice person. Hi Lisa, pleased to welcome you on […]

3 mins read

AKRAV Webcomic : Meet QueenNati & Em !

Brought?to us by our friends of Becomics?(best comics viewer around, isn?t it), Akrav ?universe is unique, a new generationcross-genre webcomic 100% enjoyement. QueenNati and?Em give us their mojo?! Hi Nati & Em ! ? Where do you come from ?? Nati comes from South Germany and Em hails from Iceland. We?re pretty far apart, but […]

4 mins read

ElectroMania Webcomic : Meet Kris Martini !

You love Daft Punk, TRON Legacy, and Mistery skulls animated ? She too ! “She”, it’s Kris Martini aka Dratinigirl. She’s actually pretty darn good and you’ll be hearing from her. Hey Kris ! – Where do you come from ?  Ross, Ohio USA! – How old are you ? 21! – Influences ?  Daft Punk, Vaporwave […]

2 mins read