The Solitary Divide : Lisa Nguyen is our special guest !
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The Solitary Divide : Lisa Nguyen is our special guest !

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The Solitary Divide follows the character of Alexandra Pham, survivor in a post-apocalyptic webcomic created by?Lisa Nguyen

Kind and open-minded, Lisa Nguyen talks with us about her childhood dream, her incredible series , and the way to cross a river twice ! As great artist as nice person.

Hi Lisa, pleased to welcome you on Art Of Webcomics !

– Where do you come from ??
Louisiana, USA
– How old are you ? ( tell it or not !)?
– Influences ??
The Resident Evil Series, film noir, The Witcher series, Kamen Rider series, Fallout series… Let’s just say that series about being a lone survivor have heavily influenced me 🙂
– Art school or not ??
I went to school for Graphic Design, but am mostly self-taught for illustration and comics. I don’t think formal art school is necessary anymore since there are so many great tools available online.
– Favorite digital art software ??
Paint Tool Sai for drawing and procreate for sketching.
– Your working method ??
I’m not too strict on a working method since I’m the sole creator. I’ll start off with the script, thumbnails, sketches, inks, colors, lettering, with lots of editing in-bewteen. Then I prepare everything for publishing and digital releases.
– What your webcomic is about, in a symbolic way, the hidden sense ??
The Solitary Divide is about the divisions felt in every day life, how making one decision may work out or may be a terrible mistake.

How bad things happen to good people or how others never face the consequences of their actions.

Of course, it is set in the middle of a zombie outbreak, but the biggest battle is probably the one in Alex’s heart.
– Tell us more about your main character, the hero !?
Alexandra “Alex” Pham is a first-generation Vietnamese-American. As we learn early in the story, she and her daughter are survivors of domestic abuse. Since the event, she’s become withdrawn, a bit cold-hearted, and tries not to show her emotions.
– How do you see your future ??
Oh, how I wish I could predict the future. I can at least control my “present.”

I am going to do my best to continue creating comics, which has been my childhood dream.

– Your next goal ??
I’d like to gain 2 “likes” on the Solitary Divide Facebook page ( or get one comment on the website! But my next goal is finishing Chapter 2.

– Advices for beginners ??
Do your best and believe in your project. You have to become its number one fan. The most important thing you can do now is to update on a regular basis, too. Also take the time to research how to do comic-related things, especially self-promotion.
– Your technical secret trick ??
Create a template file (mine is a PSD which can be used with multiple programs) with every layer you typically use. Copy and paste the tile when you have to make a new comic page. It saves me so much time!
– Favorite quote ??

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” – Heraclitus

– Your social links and website ??






A very warm thank you to?Lisa Nguyen !