Spark in the Dark : Spacial interview with Tyler Burnworth !
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Spark in the Dark : Spacial interview with Tyler Burnworth !

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Spark in the Dark is THE new sci-fi webcomic series to follow !

Created by Tyler and Lydia Burnworth, lines by Dinc Onur Aydin, colors by Eugene Betivu, don’t miss this new production of the founders !

We are pleased to meet Tyler Burnworth.

Hi Tyler, welcome on Art Of Webcomics !
– Where do you come from ??
Originally Oak Harbor, Ohio, now living in Las Vegas, Nevada.
– How old are you ? ( tell it or not !)?
I’m 28 years old.
– Influences ??
Star Wars, the Halo series, Robert Kirkman’s Invincible and The Walking Dead.
– Art school or not ??
Never art school, although I did earn an M.A. in Fiction Writing from Southern New Hampshire University.
– Favorite digital art software ??
My creative team and I use Photoshop pretty exclusively.
– Your working method ?
I always start with the seed of an idea, an interesting premise. I then outline beginning to end. As I write the outline points into episodes, the outline usually changes, and sometimes even the ending I had originally planned will be changed as well. Great characters have minds of their own, and that tends to mess up tidy plot planning.
– What your webcomic is about, in a symbolic way, the hidden sense ??
Spark in the Dark has a built in imagery to it, one that resonates with me on a deep level. I’ve struggled with depression off and on throughout my life, as I know many others have.

I firmly believe that God has given each of us the strength to overcome adversity and trials in our lives. He has placed a unique spark inside each of us.

When you find yourself surrounded by the darkness of the world with nowhere else to turn, if you reach for that spark it will light the path ahead. The darker the shadow the brighter the light.

– Tell us more about your main character, the hero !?
Zechariah, or Zeck, is a spoiled rich brat who has never had to work a day in his life. After a crazy incident leaves him stranded in space, alone, he’s finally forced to make it on his own. He’s got a foul mouth and a bad temper, too. Zeck has a lot of maturing to do…if he can survive that long!
– How do you see your future ??
I can’t. I failed Divination at Hogwarts. Seriously though, I don’t know what my future holds. I’m just waiting to see what God’s plan is for me and my family, and hoping for the best.
– Your next goal ??
Aside from finishing Spark in the Dark, I’d like to work on another story I’ve been thinking about for years now. It’s an urban fantasy type that I think would be best digested as a full-length graphic novel.
– Advices for beginners ??
I wasted a lot of time doing internet research when I should have just been writing. Whether you’re an artist, a writer, a musician or whatever, you should spend as much time as you can honing your craft.

Practice is invaluable!

– Your technical secret trick ??
It’s maybe not so technical, but: listen to your husband/wife. Lydia has helped me so much over the years with my writing and several other things. I would never finish anything if it wasn’t for her support, feedback, and insight. If you’re not married, listen to your parents, brother/sister, someone who’s close to you and cares about you and your work. Someone you can trust to tell you the truth. If something sucks, you need to know it before you start parading it in front of the world!
Favorite quote ??
I don’t really have a favorite quote, but music has always been a positive source of motivation for me, so I’ll rely on these insightful lyrics from a song called “In Between” by Beartooth:

“Life’s so dark when everyday is a struggle / why go out and see the world on fire / Don’t let your mindset become what controls you / Speak right now and make the choice to grow.”

– Your social links and website ??

Many thanks to Tyler Burnworth !

Spark in the Dark

Read Spark in the Dark Now! Digital comics on LINE WEBTOON, . Zeck and Melody are getting married, but that’, available online for free.