ElectroMania Webcomic : Meet Kris Martini !
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ElectroMania Webcomic : Meet Kris Martini !

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You love Daft Punk, TRON Legacy, and Mistery skulls animated ?

She too ! “She”, it’s Kris Martini aka Dratinigirl.

She’s actually pretty darn good and you’ll be hearing from her.

Hey Kris !

– Where do you come from ? 
Ross, Ohio USA!

– How old are you ?
– Influences ? 
Daft Punk, Vaporwave music/aesthetics, TRON Legacy, Mystery Skulls Animated, and various anime from my childhood.
– Art school or not ? 
No, but I sure wish I could go! My highest art education was AP in highschool, where I got a D.
– Favorite digital art software ? 
Paint tool SAI
– Your working method ? 
I draw whenever I can, usually sketching out pages en masse and then lining and coloring 2 each week. I have trouble paying attention as well as seasonal affective disorder, so sometimes I can only get a small amount of work done in a day. I try my best!

– What your webcomic is about, in a symbolic way, the hidden sense ? 
The values of friendship, forgiveness, and understanding of human difference.
– How do you see your future ? 
I’m not sure actually. The way I see it, I’m either going to suddenly take off one day and be the next Andrew Hussie or Michelle Czajkowski- or I’ll end up working in a Frisch’s until I’m eighty and be sad the entire time. Maybe it’ll be a little bit of both.
– Your next goal ? 
I’d like to get ahead on comic pages and start a patreon, and maybe bundle in some physical copies of the first 100 pages or so of the comic with that 🙂
– Advices for beginners ? 
Give yourself a deadline, and stick to it. If you keep telling yourself “oh, I have a webcomic idea, I’ll make it someday” then you’ll probably never start making it. Set that goal and don’t look away. Also, make about 2 months worth of pages ahead of time and space them out. Don’t be like me and make 9 weeks worth of updates and drop them all at once!!
– Your technical secret trick ? 
I’ve altered my style to fit my deadline each week, and I taught myself all of the shortcuts in SAI to squeeze every second out of drawing time !

Thanks to Kris Matini. Follow Kris in its blue electric night :