Galebound Webcomic : Meet Respheal !
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Galebound Webcomic : Meet Respheal !

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Galebound is our Webcomic of the month and we ask few questions to its creator, Respheal, a great artist !

Hey Maddy !

? How old are you ?

I?m 26!

? Influences ?

Definitely manga, video games, music, and light fantasy novels. So, uh?lots of things! My first actual attempt at drawing (in what eventually evolved into my current style) was actually some fanart of the Ragnarok manhwa.

? Art school or not ?

No, I?m self-taught (for better or for worse). I actually went to school for computer science !

? Favorite digital art sofware ?

Currently MediBang Paint Pro. I like it because out of the box it does cleaner lineart than Photoshop (particularly for really small drawings) and doesn?t have a huge learning curve. Also being able to save settings and palettes over the cloud is nice. And the perspective tools! They?ve been lifesavers. There?s lots of reasons I like it, actually?

? Why a webcomic about magic ?

I guess because it comes naturally. Most of the media I consume and enjoy is fantasy-oriented, from video games to comics to books. Honestly even when I try to write sci-fi magic sneaks its way back in?

? How do you see your future ?

Well, my first goal is to see Galebound to completion. I?d like to start attending comic/anime conventions, and to print physical volumes of the comic. Really I?m just taking things day by day and I don?t plan much for the future.

? Your next goal ?

In the short term, my next goal is always to finish the next page. After Galebound, however?well, I?ve got a few more stories to tell. It?ll take a few years, but one way or another I intend to get these stories told.

? Advices for beginners ?

Two things: First, frequently flip your canvas horizontally as you work. Your brain fills in what your drawing is supposed to look like, which tricks you into not seeing what it actually looks like. Flipping the canvas breaks the illusion. Second, draw humans without clothes first; don?t let the clothes be the anatomy.

Thank?you very much Maddy !

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