Dawn Of The Dad : A Workday With Anita Zaramella !

Each day with Anita Zaramella is a lucky day ! Welcome to the secret of Dawn Of The Dad. Hi Anita ! – What time do yo wake up and how do you start your day’s work ? I’ve got a very regular schedule, so I wake up at 8 every day…mostly because I like it. […]

7 mins read

Webcomics revolution : Becomics rules !

  Becomics is a new platform designed for comics lovers. A place for artists to share their work, and for fans to discover new content. Its goal ? Reimagine the format and bring web-comics to its maximum potential. We’ve met  the founders of www.becomics.com – Hi both ! Who helm this crazy project and what’s your […]

8 mins read

Galebound Webcomic : Meet Respheal !

? Galebound is our Webcomic of the month and we ask few questions to its creator, Respheal, a great artist ! Hey Maddy ! ? How old are you ? I?m 26! ? Influences ? Definitely manga, video games, music, and light fantasy novels. So, uh?lots of things! My first actual attempt at drawing (in […]

2 mins read