Trash Canon Webcomic : Meet Katrin Felder !
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Trash Canon Webcomic : Meet Katrin Felder !

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Katrin Felder is the queen of the cool !

With ?TRASH CANON ? The tour diary?, ?she set up?the ultimate Pop Star webcomic !

Helloooww Katrin !

? Where do you come from ?
I?m from Germany !
? How old are you ? ( tell it or not !)
30 (turning 31 in April)
? Influences ?
Hm, this is difficult, because there?s so many stuff that influenced me throughout my life, so it?s hard to pick something specific. But I guess the biggest influence for me, that made me start to draw at all, definitely were animated movies and series during my childhood (e.g. Disney 2D animated movies, 90s & 2000s Anime series and movies, etc.). Maybe that?s why my comics have a bit of a cinematic feeling to them. And I still am a HUGE fan of animation and love to get inspired by it 🙂 Another influence, that arrived much later in my life, is the artist community on social media and the internet in general. There are so many talented and great artists out there and everyone has the chance to interact with each other or learn from each other. This alone is very inspiring !
? Art school or not ?
I never went to art school ? I?m a self taught artist when it comes to drawing comics. But I do have a vocational education that makes me a ?media designer? ? this is not about drawing though, but more about being a graphic designer creating posters, flyers, business cards etc. I personally think to become a comic artist or illustrator you don?t have to necessarily attend art school ? that solely depends on what you want to do. And I just didn?t want to spend 5 more years in school :-)?(and I did never regret this decision).
? Favorite digital art software ?
Is and always will be Photoshop! It has so many possibilities, though it?s not specifically made for drawing. But I love it 🙂
? Your working method ?
I work digital most of the time (when I?m on the road though, I still draw with my good old pencil and make sketches in my sketchbook). I really like digital drawing because you have so many possibilities to create art that you simply don?t have in analog drawing. It makes the workflow much more flexible. I use a Wacom Intuos Pro S together with Photoshop on a Windows PC. Works fine for me?:-)


? What your webcomic is about, in a symbolic way, the hidden sense ?
?Trash Canon ? The Tour Diary? is a strip based comic about a boy group (consisting of four members) living their daily lives as popstars and overcoming

TRASH CANON by KFComics – A comic series about the four members of the boy group “Trash Canon”.

the struggles that come along with it. It?s supposed to be a comedy comic and I created it merley just for fun. But its purpose is not only to entertain, but also to reference pop cultural elements and to also show a bit of cultural diversity and diversity in general throug the band members itself (they have four different nationalities actually, and two of them are in a gay relationship). Sure, I play with certain kinds of stereotypes here and there, but maybe I manage to break these up when the comic progresses :-)??Palm Beach Two ? Cat-astrophy!? is a comedy action comic I created in early 2016 and finally was able to translate it into English and publish it online. It?s about the two wannabe gangsters Chat and Rico, who are send out on a mission to find the lost cat of their boss. During their journey through the underwolrd of Porta Grande (their hometown) they have to face different challenges and two over ambitious cops to get their boss?s cat back. Like most of my comedy comics, this one is mostly meant for entertainment and shouldn?t be over analyzed 🙂
? How do you see your future ?
I hope I can tell a lot more stories through comics in the next few years and progress my drawing skills even more. My ultimate wish would be to make a living from comics and illustration one day 🙂
? Your next goal ?
My next goal is to finally start my newest webcomic project ?Shooting Star? around April this year. It?s the very first drama comic I?ve ever done and I?m so excited! It tells the story about two friends, who know each other since kindergarten and are attending their last year in High School. They love playing soccer above anything, but when their High School soccer team suddenly gets shut down due to financial reasons, they need to make an important decision that will change their lives forever.
? Advices for beginners ?
I only have one advice: Never give up! Becoming or being an artist means hard work and dedication ? every single day. No one is a great artist right from the start. It took me about 20 years to get where I am now. And my journey to improve my skills still isn?t over and I think it?ll never be 🙂 So if you really want to be an artist, then you just gotta love what you do. It?s a hard way but it?s absolutely worth it.
? Your technical secret trick ?
Well, I don?t think I have a technical secret trick up my sleeve 🙂 I simply experiment and am open minded (though that?s not technical, I guess). So, no real magic behind what I do 🙂

Thanks a lot to Katrin Felder superstar !

Trash Canon Webcomic : Meet Katrin Felder !