Final Light : Meet BraveheartTatsumaki !
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Final Light : Meet BraveheartTatsumaki !

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Drawing comics and webcomics is sometimes your destiny :

You need to do it. You have to. Moreover, you must do it. It takes courage, faith, and so much love in your heart to give.

Our artist of the week has it all. We’re proud to welcome BraveHeartTatsumaki aka Tamara Garrido,
the talented artist behind FINAL LIGHT webcomic.
Hi Tamara, what a sweet name !
– Where do you come from ?
I’m from Chile, the long country at South America full of earthquakes, volcanos, and many other natural disaster stuff, you probably heard it in the news (only reason my country might be mentioned hehe)
– How old are you ? ( tell it or not !)
Currently 24 !
– Influences ?
My biggest influences have been with the manga, anime and videogames, most of them rpg of fantasy, titles like Final Fantasy, .hack//GU, Kingdom Hearts, among others, more recently, Dark Souls (I won’t list all my anime/manga influence, too long haha). Besides this, Mythology, ancient legends cultural from national native people, and nowadays society structure and corruption.
– Art school or not ?
I studied architecture for a couple years, so it wasn’t entirely art, but it was also science, maths, etc. It was a hard world I must say. But I’m grateful I got to meet the rough world early (seriously, my teachers weren’t nice at all), it helped me to think that there always will be people who won’t like what you do, as there are ones who will.
It also helped me with certain things in drawing, like I can sketch landscapes and small portions of a city, like some buildings.
– Favorite digital art sofware ?
I went through many softwares in my laptop, sadly I wish I could say my main software is CLIP Studio, but having a low resource laptop, it makes you look for something that won’t give you a blue screen, and that’s how I got to Medibang Paint Pro. Although it’s not that fantastic like CLIP, it’s pretty good if you have a bad computer but still want to get certain effects and professional lineart like with CLIP.

– Your working method ?

Usually I just put on my headphones, my selected music for comic, and start drawing, everything is built up in my head, I write certain things in a conceptual map so my ideas and plot gets clearer.

– What your webcomic is about, in a symbolic way, the hidden sense ?
Final Light talks about the corruption of the heart of people, and the consequences by it, leading to both worlds collapsing and going to it’s own destruction. In a way, is my form to talk with myself through my characters who suffers several tragic things, and even so, they find the hope to continue living and fighting, and trying to oppose to the corruption of their own hearts.
– How do you see your future ?
I see myself drawing, I have several stories for the future besides my current comic Final Light. Though, I really wish to get my own physical comic books and selling them, so the path to reach that goal will be long.
– Your next goal ?
Reach to many people and continue building up the comic until the end, it’s basically the idea I have, I try to not put many goals which might be too difficult to fulfill at once, so better with small things I can get in short time.
– Advices for beginners ?
This is something I should also try to follow honestly, but draw whatever you want and don’t let others try to stop you with their negativity just because your work doesn’t appeal to them. It’s difficult, but, firstly you need to think in what makes you happy
and make a story with which you’ll be happy, and also, something you’ll love to work for many, many chapters ahead.
– Your technical secret trick ?
Everything can be material for your comic, even the sad things, just find your way to turn those events into something your characters can live !
Thanks to Tamara BraveheartTatsumaki, we like you !
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