AKRAV Webcomic : Meet QueenNati & Em !
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AKRAV Webcomic : Meet QueenNati & Em !

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Brought?to us by our friends of Becomics?(best comics viewer around, isn?t it),

Akrav ?universe is unique, a new generationcross-genre webcomic 100% enjoyement. QueenNati and?Em give us their mojo?!

Hi Nati & Em !

? Where do you come from ??
Nati comes from South Germany and Em hails from Iceland. We?re pretty far apart, but the internet takes care of that problem.
? How old are you ??
With our Powers Combined, we are 57 years old !
? Influences ??
Our comic is influenced by various things, but the biggest inspiration for the world of AKRAV comes from post-apocalyptic themed media, like the Fallout and Borderlands games or the Mad Max movies.

We try to pace and ?build? each chapter similar to a cartoon episode, with a long term running narrative in mind, reminiscent of series like Gargoyles, Gravity falls and Trollhunters. Fun arcs and episodes that tie together to tell one story over a long time.
? Art school or not ??
Nati went to a design school and Em went to a multi-media school.
? Favorite digital art software ??
Paint Tool Sai all the way. That?s the program the comic is drawn in. It?s just so simple and easy to use, and because it?s so light on your computer, you can get away with massive canvases!
? Your working method ??
The comic starts with us sketching the storyboard and page layout together in Drawpile; a program that allows multiple people to draw on the same canvas at once.

After we set the flow of the story and panels, Nati does the rough character sketching in Sai, then we sketch details, such as faces and hand gestures together. Nati linearts the pages, and throws them into Dropbox.

Then Em colors, shades and lights each page, and tosses it back to Nati for typesetting and voice bubbles in MediBang Paint Pro.

? What your webcomic is about, in a symbolic way, the hidden sense ??
On the surface this comic seems like it?s about a bunch of quirky characters having wacky (and violent) adventures in a wasteland filled with robots and monsters, but in reality its a story of character growth, self discovery and uncovering the mysteries of their world.
? How do you see your future ??
We?ll be doing comics, that?s for sure! It?s too rewarding and fun not to do! We have years of material planned for Akrav, and we?re super excited to share all of it.
We would love to do this professionally; since drawing and storytelling are our passion, and we are ready to work super hard to earn it.

? Your next goal ??
Update! Update! Update! We have so much story and fun action to cover in Akrav,

right now we are focusing all of our efforts

on this comic project; we barely have time to draw anything else ! (not that we would want to!)

? Advices for beginners ??
Do not stop. You have heard this a thousand times before: Draw every day. Draw all the time. Draw new things. Find people who make you WANT to draw.

Don?t be afraid of change, if your art-style changes, embrace it, run with it, don?t force it. Don?t try too hard to emulate other people?s art, take inspiration from the works you like and integrate it rather than copy it.

Don?t ever get discouraged; work hard and you?ll get there.
? Your technical secret trick ??
Find someone who inspires you, someone you can bounce stories with and who bounces them back.

Keep the passion going, it?s much easier to stay excited for a big long term project when your partner messages you on Skype at 5:21 am with: ?I CANT SLEEP I WAS THINKING ABOUT JOSH SNEEZING OH MY GOD.?


Thanks to Nati & Em.

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