Manga Academy: If I were… Jeffanime portrait!

Jeffanime aKa Jeffrey Phelps is a super talented illustrator and manga artist, creator of the amazing Manga Academy series. He currently lives in Cleveland, USA. Hello Jeffrey, welcome on Art Of Webcomics, here we go! If you were a color?BlueIf you were an animal?A tigerIf you were a city?TokyoIf you were a book?My comic If […]

1 min read

The Angel With Black Wings webcomic : Meet Mharz !

The Angel With Black Wings is a stunning?webcomic written and drawn?by?Mharz,?a complete artist. She tells us more about her?working method and projects. ? Hi Mharz ! ? ? Where do you come from ? I live on Philippines in southeast Asia. ? ? How old are you ? ( tell it or not !) I?m […]

2 mins read

Final Light : Meet BraveheartTatsumaki !

Drawing comics and webcomics is sometimes your destiny : You need to do it. You have to. Moreover, you must do it. It takes courage, faith, and so much love in your heart to give. Our artist of the week has it all. We’re proud to welcome BraveHeartTatsumaki aka Tamara Garrido, the talented artist behind FINAL […]

4 mins read