XII:of Magic & Muses webcomic : Meet Kristen Kiomall-Evans !

XII:of Magic & Muses is a webcomic pretty popular across the web. Krsiten Kiomall-Evans is on Art Of Webcomics ! Hi Kristen ! – Where do you come from ?? Borden Ontario Canada – How old are you ?? 29 – Influences ?? Sailor Moon, Madoka Magika, Harry Potter, Magic Night Rayearth, Tokyo Mew Mew […]

3 mins read

Aubétoile Webcomic: Meet Vanillazuki !

Not easy to launch a new webcomic series today and reach audience. Aubétoile (Dawnstar) is brand new, and we wanted to be the first to highlight it for its launch ! Because it’s Wowsome ! Hi Ophélie ! Thank you for the interview, and I apologize for my poor English !  – Where do you […]

5 mins read