XII:of Magic & Muses webcomic : Meet Kristen Kiomall-Evans !
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XII:of Magic & Muses webcomic : Meet Kristen Kiomall-Evans !

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XII:of Magic & Muses is a webcomic pretty popular across the web.

Krsiten Kiomall-Evans is on Art Of Webcomics !

Hi Kristen !

– Where do you come from ??
Borden Ontario Canada
– How old are you ??
– Influences ??
Sailor Moon, Madoka Magika, Harry Potter, Magic Night Rayearth, Tokyo Mew Mew
– Art school or not ??
Loyalist College – New Media and Animation
– Favorite digital art software ??
CSP, Photoshop, Toon boom, 3ds Max
– Your working method ??
I start with a broad idea, I then I turned that into 3 sentences for a beginning middle end, then a bullet list of events, that turned each event into a 22 page chapter which finished was a 46 chapter draft. Then I started scripting, after two chapters of script work I start layout, then go back to scripting. Another two chapters, then back to scripting and the process repeats to layout, sketching, pencils, inking, flats, render and finally effects. After some editing it turned into 42 chapters.
– What your webcomic is about, in a symbolic way, the hidden sense ??
I suppose it’s a coming of age story, having characters getting thrown into the world around them. Learning about systemic power structures, the realization adults are just older kids and that no one really has any idea what they’re doing.

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– Tell us more about your main character, the hero !?
Willow is an awkward 16 year old. She’s kind with a vivid imagination. While she has ambition, she lacks confidence and skills. Her current role has her tumbling through life as best she can.

– How do you see your future ??
Well, the first book is completed in a fairly readable state. I am hoping to move forward to print and the sequel is in it early stages but moving forward at a good pace. I’ve also got some shorter stories in development to extend the universe a little and for my own experimentation.
– Your next goal ??
Release up to chapter 15, Kickstart the first book, finish colouring the beast and move on.

– Advices for beginners ??
If anything, have an ending. It doesn’t have to be set in stone but it’s good to know where you’re going. I wasn’t able to have a solid idea till I knew what I was working towards.

– Your technical secret trick ??
Patience & discipline go a long way. It’s real easy to feel you have to post everything you create, but keeping XII on lock down for so long really let me hammer out details. Keeping huge ‘to do’ spreadsheets also made it easy to work when I didn’t want to because it gave me small goals to meet once a day.
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Thanks to Kristen Kiomall-Evans, keep in touch for the Kickstart !