The Disfunctional Friends: Meet Dark Mortimer!

The Disfunctional Friends is an incredibly fun webcomic series imagined and produced by Michael Mortimer. Both designer and writer on the series, Michael mixes many genres, to better reveal contours of existence. Do not miss any episode of this amazing weekly webcomic show! Hi Michael, welcome on Art Of Webcomics! – Where do you come […]

7 mins read

Mr. Valdemar and Other Gothic Tales: Meet Jose Luis Bueno Piña

Creating webcomics is not only being skillful and defted, you must have a universe. Jose Luis Bueno Piña is the talented author of?Mr. Valdemar and Other Gothic Tales (?The spider?art by the amazing ?El Compostelo?) and its imaginary world is endless. Conversation?with a gifted?screenwriter. Hi Jose Luis ! ? Where do you come from ?? […]

3 mins read