MK’s Jekyll & Hyde: Meet Marika Kapogeorgakis!

What if Jekyll and Hyde was not one single person, but two ? That’s the brillant idea of Marika Kapogeorgakis! Author and webcomic artist, Marika is also known for her work on a poetic webcomic series called Word Is The Bird. Today we’re gonna focus with her on The Strange Case Of Dr. Jeckyll & […]

4 mins read

R:ILPERSONA Webcomic : Behind The Starlight City Project !

As The Starlight City Project is the writer and creator of the amazing webcomic series R:ILPERSONA (Pronounced “Are” “il” “Per-sewn-ah”), R :ILPERSONA  is a team effort : Masterfully drawn by JM Valenzuela, and colored/lettered by Ludwig Sacramento. Hi Shaun ! – Where do you come from ? I come from a weird state named New Jersey, under the smog […]

3 mins read