The Back o’ Beyond : Meet Jon Walker !

Also known as JammyTheBirb, Jon Walker is the creator of the stupendous webcomic series The Back o’Beyond He also work on a bunch of other things, including? the webcomic series The Rose Thief. Embark with us on board for a great interview, and put plenty of wind in your sails ! Hello Jon, welcome on […]

10 mins read

Heroic Shenanigans : Super interview with Haley Martin !

Ready to join a superhero summer camp ? Welcome to Camp Kapow ! Heroic Shenanigans is a superheroic webcomic by the bright Haley Martin. Her superpower ? Enthusiastic and positive ! Hello Haley ! – Where do you come from ?  I grew up in California, and just recently moved to Florida! – How old are […]

5 mins read