Under The Moonlight : Meet Shighguard!
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Under The Moonlight : Meet Shighguard!

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Written by Shighguard and drawn by artist AlkseeyaKC, Under The Moonlight is an epic fantasy tale that will charm you!

Also author and creator of Adventures in Elseria, Shighguard is under the spotlight on AOW!

Hello Ken, welcome on Art Of Webcomics!
– Where do you come from?
Michigan, United States
How old are you? ( tell it or not !)
– Influences?

I have always loved Fantasy, Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, Dungeons and Dragons that sort of thing.

– Art school or not?
Some art in high school and college
– Favorite digital art software?
– Your working method?
I try to work at least an hour a day
– What your webcomic is about, in a symbolic way, the hidden sense?
Not really sure there is any hidden sense to the comic.

Art Copyright by AlkseeyaKC – All Rights Reserved

– Tell us more about your main character, the hero !
Tear’il Half elven, the son of a Elf noble. He was looked down on most of his life for not being a pure blooded elf. Didn’t always get along with his fellows and has always had a bit of bad luck. He seems to find himself in dangerous situations but manages to get out of them more or less unharmed.
– How do you see your future?
I would certainly love to create comic pages more often and maybe one day publish the comic.
– Your next goal?
My currently goal is the finalize the script for Chapter 2 of Under the moonlight
– Advices for beginners?

Take your time, dont rush anything. Try to have a couple pages backlogged cuz life will prevent you from keeping up with the comic.

– Your technical secret trick?
Not sure I have one
– Favorite quote?
“Life needs things to live” -Percy- Critical Role
– Your social links and website?
Shighguard on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube!

Thanks to Ken Coons aka Shighguard! You can support Ken through Patreon and Ko-fi. Follow Under The Moonlight on Webtoon and SmackJeeves!