Hellcephira : Special Interview with creator Ypsilenna !
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Hellcephira : Special Interview with creator Ypsilenna !

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Sure Ypsilenna could teach how to make a webcomic the right way and avoid some traps !

Here is our interresting chat with the creator of the beloved webcomic Hellcephira ! Genuine and avised, you’re gonna know more about?Luciferimus and Riamidea, and get some useful tricks to improve efficiency as creator !

Hello Ypsilenna, welcome on Art Of Webcomics !
– Where do you come from ??
I come from Poland.
– How old are you ? ( tell it or not !)?
– Influences ??
I think my art is influenced by cartoons I loved when I was a child, and some that I liked when I was older. I used to love shows like Winx Club, W.I.T.C.H. and Totally Spies when I was little. Other than that I think I’m influenced by my favorite childhood games such as Simon the Sorcerer and some point-and-click productions.
– Art school or not ?
I have never been to an art school. I’m a self-taught artist.
– Favorite digital art software ??
– Your working method ?
I draw my content entirely in digital. When I start a new picture (Or a new comic page), I like to make a raw pre-sketch and 1-2 refined sketches before getting to the line art phase.

Drawing the line art is the slowest and in my opinion the most boring part of making the picture. I usually die a little here.

I go back to life when I start coloring. Putting colors and shading in my picture feels really fun.
– What your webcomic is about, in a symbolic way, the hidden sense ?
Hellcephira is one of major planets inhabited by long-living people who found a way of splitting their souls and bodies in order to re-incarnate on one of lesser planets (such as Earth). They live their short lives there and go back home with the energy they have gathered to fuel their mother planet. Those who re-incarnated several times can become spiritual guardians for new travelers. The main plot of the comic focuses on Luciferimus – the youngest son of King Beelzeberiad. The boy didn’t have any experience, but becoming a guardian was a part of his education as a royal child. He did something he shouldn’t have done and he fell in love with the girl he was supposed to take care of. When she died he thought it will be the end of everything, but it was merely a start of a way bigger adventure. Doesn’t he have anything else to think about? Well, he does. His father, King Beelzeberiad, is very tired of his position. He would like to rest at last, but first one of his sons has to prove that they can handle ruling the entire kingdom. Too bad none of them really qualifies. Will he ever rest? We will find out… eventually.
– Tell us more about your main character, the hero !
Hellcephira has two main characters – Luciferimus and Riamidea. Luciferimus is a very young hellcephiran. He really lacks experience. He shifts between being a pristine good boy and a rogue who sometimes bends the rules to do the things he wants to do. Sometimes he is gullible, and he blindly believes that family ties will grant him fair treatment and respect. Riamidea is the soul whom Luciferimus was taking care of while she was on Earth. She tends to be rude and seems not to care much about other people. Riamidea is strong, but she had to achieve her power on her own. Before Riamidea’s earthling avatar died, she managed to learn telepathic communication and talk with her spiritual guardian. Together they explored one district of Realm of Dusk, a virtual dimension achievable during meditation or sleep. After finding each other in the real world, they will have to see if they still have the same feelings for each other… or if they have any at all.
– How do you see your future ?
Hopefully still working on this comic (and on side comics). It’s planned to be very long and I might draw Hellcephira 2 after I finish this so… I will probably draw this till I die… then my children will have to continue my legacy because there is still going to be lots of content to draw.

Hellcephira 004 Overview

Hellcephira the comic

– Your next goal ?
For now I just want to finish chapter 4 and 5. Then I want to draw the next one. Basically I just want to keep it up forever.
– Advices for beginners ??
Do not revamp your comic, I mean really. It took me many tries to actually manage to draw this one.

Re-drawing your old pages will probably put you in a loophole that you won’t be able to escape and you will probably end up deleting the entire project.

Having a new page up each week is more important than every single panel being beautiful. Your readers probably won’t spend more than 20 seconds reading one page anyway.
– Your technical secret trick ??
Keep your layers sorted. You can put them in groups or color label them (I’m not sure how many programs have this option, but I think Krita and Photoshop do). Remember to remove unused layers and merge the ones that do not need to be split. That way you can save lots of space while saving editable version of your comic pages!
– Favorite quote ?
“Don’t throw a beret to the wind” ~My sister

– Your social links and website ??
Main website: hellcephira.eu

Comic twitter: twitter.com/hellcephira

The Facebook page 😕facebook.com/hellcephira

Patreon 😕patreon.com/Ypsilenna

Thanks to?Kornelia “Ypsilenna” Reza !?

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