Tales From Somewhere : Meet Las Pinter !
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Tales From Somewhere : Meet Las Pinter !

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Stop time, take a break and enjoy the fantastic world of Laszlo Pinter ! Tales From Somewhere :

Two rich webcomics “The Legend”, “The Secret” full of all kinds of ideas… and maybe some other hidden treasures you’ll find at?headquarters !

Medieval fantasy adventures beautifully staged and told by Las Pinter, a passionate artist who travels in time !

Hi Las, welcome on Art Of Webcomics !
– Where do you come from ?
From Hungary, near the border of Austria and Slovenia.
– How old are you ? ( tell it or not !)?
– Influences ??
I’ve played a lot of tabletop RPG sessions with my friends before I started to draw. Those stories have the main influence for my webcomics. But of course I was reading a lot of fantasy novels too, most of them were made by John Caldwell and Jeffrey Stone. Also I was reading some webcomics too, like Goblins, Looking For Group, Darklegacy Comics, Order of the Stick. During drawing I like to listen to power or viking metal, I think they have some influence too.
– Art school or not ??
Self taught.
– Favorite digital art software ??
Adobe Photoshop and Krita.
– Your working method ??
I like to draw everything digitally, because it’s fun and you have the magical feature of ctrl+z. Amongst the traditional stuff, I only like the pen, because I like lineart. To make a comic page, I first begin with a quick sketch, which contains only the high level concept and some very basic shapes. After that I make a proper sketch with construction lines and stuff, then make the lineart with the details. I take my time to work with the lines, sometimes maybe too much. After I’m finished with the lines, I make the flat colors, and then the shadows, highlights and any other fancy or magical effects. I like to put everything together in the end, because it is some kind of a happy surprise for me.
– What your webcomic is about, in a symbolic way, the hidden sense ??

There are two main comics, The Legend, and The Secret. So I will tell you about them separately.

The Legend is the main comic. It follows the life of 3 adventurers: Morten, Brem Ghdin and Nandiel. The story begins with Morten, the human warrior who is spending his life bored in a town behind God’s back. After a usual adventure starting tavern brawl, the ever-annoying, always disappointed elf wizard, Nandiel arrives. The two characters are immediately begin to have some issues with each other. That means some humiliation and nose-biting attempts. Shortly they find themselves in a prison including Brem Ghdin, the dwarf priest, who has anger issues. After the prison guards and executioners find out that Brem is a priest, the trio is immediately released (because of the fear of the inquisition) and the adventure begins. They are exposed to the sadistic and dark mind of the Dungeon Master. The Legend is the older comic, that means the quality of the art changed a lot during the years and progress.

The Legend – The mighty mace | Tales From Somewhere

Tales From Somewhere comics

The Secret is the side comic. This story is about two characters, Ghilrond and Lyrineth. The story begins in the desert, literally in end of the World, where Ghilrond, the elf guardian of the realm and his wizard companion, Fandrulin are waiting. Shortly after the story begins we can find out what were they waiting for: the edges of the World began to move. This is a kind of an apocalyptic event. They decide to save their realm and they have a plan. Shortly after that the wizard mysteriously vanquishes, and Ghilrond has to travel alone by foot to Luvendiron, the capital city of the world. In the first town he meets with Lyrineth, the human thief girl, who helps him to survive some unlucky events (misunderstanding with the locals, punishment of the lord, prison, etc.). Thanks to that these two birds began to travel together, and their adventure is continuing.

The Secret – Stubbornness | Tales From Somewhere

Tales From Somewhere Comics

– Tell us more about your main character, the hero !?
Actually there are 5 main characters: Morten, the human warrior, Brem Ghdin, the dwarf priest, Nandiel, the elf wizard, Ghilrond the elf guardian and Lyrineth the human thief. Morten was the first one, who appeared in the comics. He is a lucky lunatic, because he spent a lot of character points into luck, however, he always gets into trouble. Nandiel is an annoying, ever disappointed elf with big mouth, who really wants to keep the rules. He is a powerful wizard and he likes being it. Brem is a very silent priest, who has anger issues. There is a little to know about his past, but it wasn’t peaceful thats for sure. Maybe we will find out the details later. Ghilrond has been in a solitude in the edge of the world for many years, and now he is revisiting the country which has been changed a lot during this time. He likes silence and peace, but if you accidentally make him angry (for example dry firing a bow near him), he will make you suffer with great brutality. Lyrineth is a cute, very loudy thief, who is unable to shut her mouth even while stealing from people. But somehow she is successful. Despite being a thief, she wants justice for every criminal.
– How do you see your future ??
With my magic goggles. I think I will continue making my comics until the end, because they are a hobby and fun for me. Maybe there will be some other comic content as well, we’ll see.
– Your next goal ??
To finish The Secret.
– Advices for beginners ??

Don’t draw comics for gaining readers or money, do it for your own satisfaction.

If you are really enjoying this stuff, then nothing else matters. Of course if you are doing it for living, this statement is just partly valid.
– Your technical secret trick ??
I’m a lazy software engineer, so I like to make the monotonic things to be done by the machine. For the flat coloring I use the G’MIC plugin for Krita, it really does magical things, I really recommend using it. For the shadows I use special adjustment layers in Photoshop.
– Favorite quote ??
“Life has never been so good.”
– Your social links and website ??
The comics’ headquarters: talesfromsomewhere.com Twitter:?@talesomewhere Facebook: facebook.com/talesfromsomewhere?DeviantArt: deviantart.com/laspinter

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