Indie Webcomic Artists Guild : Claim Your Way
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Indie Webcomic Artists Guild : Claim Your Way

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The news has been shared on socials, we are pleased to announce that we are founding the Indie Webcomic Artists Guild.

Creating synergies between the artists has always been one of our passion, and we are happy to tell creators we promote, that they can evolve at our side as they wish.


That’s the word who lead our project, and the Indie Webcomic Artists Guild is a way to invest in yourself, while having a framework to interact and flourish. To claim your creative freedom, your artistic approach, et your desire to redefine the codes.

Free, but not alone.

Each artists involved with AOW so far can get its free IWAG member card, print it, display it on their website, a way to say “Hey, I’m an indie webcomic artist, it’s a choice, I am proud of it, and I’m not alone”.

This guild bringing together indie webcomic artists will be what we will do, maybe we’ll share ressources, new ways to experience projects, enthusiasm.

And always with the asset of being part of something motivating, new, and stimulating.

We are happy and proud with the AOW community. The common point of its members is that they have confidence in themselves, they are benevolent, supporting each other in a beautiful way. That’s the sense of synergy that we want to create.

So we wanted to keep the Indie Webcomic Artists Guild membership free for artists who support AOW from the beginning, it’s a way to say “Hey, you were the first to support us, you were right.”?

Of course, new comers are more than welcome to join the IWAG, while enjoying some AOW features they need. We hope that many of the indie webcomic artists around will join the guild to ?access to extra and dedicated support on socials, exclusive listing, exclusive IWAG graphic material, shared ressources, and more to come.

All this obviously requires time, we spend our days, we invest in you too, each artist is special to us, and as we already said, we humbly try to bring you a bit extra of motivation and wind in your artistic journey, we hope so.

We could not have done all this without your support, so thank you all for being at our side.