Mr. Valdemar and Other Gothic Tales: Meet Jose Luis Bueno Piña
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Mr. Valdemar and Other Gothic Tales: Meet Jose Luis Bueno Piña

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Creating webcomics is not only being skillful and defted, you must have a universe.

Jose Luis Bueno Piña is the talented author of?Mr. Valdemar and Other Gothic Tales (?The spider?art by the amazing ?El Compostelo?) and its imaginary world is endless. Conversation?with a gifted?screenwriter.

Hi Jose Luis !
? Where do you come from ??
? How old are you ? ( tell it or not !)?
? Influences ??
Horror: Kazuo Umezu, Edgar Allan Poe, James Wan, Richard Corben, Katsuhiro Otomo, Hanns Heinz Ewers, Bernie Wrightson, Junji Ito, Joe Hill, Alexandre Aja?

Comics: Brian K. Vaught, Shigeru Mizuki, Carlos Gim?nez, Mark Millar, Tsugumi ?ba, Takeshi Obata, Paco Roca, Keiji Nakazawa, Art Spiegelman, Marjane Satrapi, Allan Moore, Ben Templesmith,

John Wagner, Lewis Trondheim, Adrian Tomine?

But my favourite is Terry Moore.
? Art school or not ??
Cinema School. I studied sequential art with the books by Will Eisner, Scott McCloud and Alvaro Mu?oz (and I read a looooooot of comic books XD )
? Favorite digital art software ??
Photoshop and Corel Painter
? Your working method ??
First and most important step: I need find in the story or in the main character something unique, something that just my story have.

Next I search a plot (or just a McGuffin). When I have these two things, I make the main steps of the story. Then I save all them and I don?t work on it and a don?t think about it for a week.

When the week is finish, I read these three previous steps. This is very important, if I don?t feel that story is interesting and absorbing I save it for another time (Never throw away your ideas! Never!).

Then I create the characters. When I have them, I turn the plot and I think how to make the characters move the story. All that happens in your story have to be a consecuence for the actions of your characters.

? What your webcomic is about, in a symbolic way, the hidden sense ??
Mr. Valdemar has many stories and each story is different. ?The Spider? (the current one) talks about fear of ourselves, because nobody knows how much we are willing to do for the loved one. How far are we willing to sacrifice for him?
? How do you see your future ??
Hard. Working very hard. Ha, ha, ha! I am realistic, only a few lucky ones can live making webcomics. My hope is to earn enough for continuing hireing amazing illustrators and don?t lose money.
? Your next goal ??
My only goal is make comics that make me proud and I have that right now.
? Advices for beginners ??
Read, learn, study and don?t be lazy. From my point of view, comic is the most complicated narrative art because you need to be: director, writer, actor, director of photography, art director, etc.
? Your technical secret trick ?
I read my scripts as if they were written for someone else. We all see flaws in other people?s stories, but we are blind with our stories.

Thanks to?Jose Luis Bueno Pi?a and viva?Espa?a?!