Publish your webcomic, promote your talent!
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Publish your webcomic, promote your talent!

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Join the dream team, we are looking forward to teaming up with you!

So what is The Webcomic Talents in few words?

Webcomic/Webtoon hosting, artists promotion, digital comic publishing tool… You got it, you have just to focus on your art, we take care of the rest!

When you join the Talents, you are part of a brand new way to think your artistic journey! Do you need a personalized website perfectly branded for your series? We set it up for you and host it! Do you want to showcase your merch store, your Twitch or Youtube Channel too? No problem! And each time you ‘ll publish a new comic page, we’ll spread it on social media. Needless to say : AOW is dedicated to the 100% indie webcomic artists, your work is your property, period.

Save your time, focus on your art, and let your work get the attention it deserves!

Available for classic webcomic pagination or vertical Webtoon!

How to join? This is a $9 support reward for our patrons! You’re welcome!


Here are two awesome artists that we are proud to team up with!

Michael Mortimer, The Disfunctional Friends

Diana Kennedy, The Horses Of Narrangansett

Evie Sinclaire, The Monsters

Pami Greed, 7 Sad Things