Aubétoile Webcomic: Meet Vanillazuki !
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Aubétoile Webcomic: Meet Vanillazuki !

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Not easy to launch a new webcomic series today and reach audience.

Aubétoile (Dawnstar) is brand new,

and we wanted to be the first to highlight it for its launch !

Because it’s Wowsome !
Hi Ophélie !
Thank you for the interview, and I apologize for my poor English !
 – Where do you come from ?
I’m from France, I live near the Spain.
– How old are you ? ( tell it or not !)
I’m 33 years old (…)
– Influences ?
My influences are numerous. I began making comics seriously being youthful, with the manga Sailor Moon which I copied out. I love the crazy style of Rumiko Takahashi (my favourite manga is Urusei Yatsura). With manga, it is the production, the framing which please me. But I also like the style of Allessandro Barbucci and Matteo de Longis, who are unbelievable designers, with Hyung Tae Kim. I like the manner of nervous and dynamic American comics inking.
– Art school or not ?
No , I learnt to draw by copying out manga. As soon as I saw an element of style which pleased me, I incorporated it in the mien. All these incorporations gave birth to my actual style.
– Favorite digital art sofware ?
Without hesitation, CLIP STUDIO PAINT!!!
– Your working method ? 
I always begin by defining which type of history I go invented: fantasy, horror, romance???? Then I to create the characters (design only at this stage), I look on Internet of the photographies which serve me of inspirations for places. Where then, it is about places which I indeed know as for my actual webcomic.
I go about things also similarly for clothes.
For the personality of my figures, I scoop out in the bottom of me. Every figure represents an aspect of myself, but I always add it an element which do not correspond to me, that it is creation or borrowed from somebody.
I work out scenario, I structure my ideas. I am not very good in storyboard therefore I to create it very seldom.
With my software, I create drafts, I ink I colour. I use CLIP  STUDIO in most cases but for the postproduction (special effects or filters), I prefer PHOTOSHOP. For illustrations colours, I have a blow of heart for PAINT TOOL SAI
– What your webcomic is about, in a symbolic way, the hidden sense ?
I am very sensitive to what there happens around me. The intolerance, racism, the difficulty in finding a job and all problems of our contemporary society are subjects which do not leave me uninterested. But I am somebody of rather cheerful nature, I have a lot of difficulties in making only dark and serious writings.
I like the fantastic and magical worlds. But in the case of my webcomic Aubétoile, my principal character will be confronted to the intolerance, have to fight creatures beings feeding on the energy which people spend on being popular, will be considered to be an immigrant because from another world.
I don’t have lessons to be given to people, but I would just like to check off certain injustice, to put in an obvious place their absurdity and their consequences. But I am not a moralizing, therefore with a little of fancy and humour, perhaps that the message will cross better.
– How do you see your future ?
I do not aim at extreme popularity nor at wealth with my job on webcomics and drawings. I make it by passion. I have just had a child and I would just like he will to be proud of the fact that I make, and for me conclude this plan will allow me to teach him that when they have an objective, it is necessary to hang on to it. But that’s true, I would like to publish something at least in my life.
– Your next goal ?
Well, at the moment, I work on my personal site for my drawings and webcomics. I also accomplish illustrations because I shall like to make a crowfoundind for a new computer (mine is 7 years old) and I would therefore like to give something nice to give those who will help me.
Concerning the drawing, my next objective is to continue and conclude my webcomic.
Otherwise, it is to have my driver’s licence and a job.
Advices for beginners ?
1) There is not skill as the drawings: everything teaches, including how to draw. In birth, we make nothing, and we develop capacities progressively with study: the step, reading. Therefore, the drawings also. And the drawings, these are mathematics: every living being, every object is composed of geometric forms. It is just a history of geometric forms, proportions and perspective (and I am void in algebra and in geometry)
2) Train, practice, always, at all times. The drawings, it is something that evolves. we improve at all times, even if they draw for 30 years, we will continue advancing with practice.
3) Test new angles, new techniques. Stay in your zone of comfort will not make develop you, to take risks yes!!

4) Read read read, not only manga or comics, read all !

– Your technical secret trick ?
 Thanks for the interview, thanks for reading it!
Thanks You to Ophélie MCHD aka Vanillazuki.

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