The Webcomic Talents : The Webcomic Hosting by AOW!

It’s a new step in the Art Of Webcomics journey, we are lauching The Webcomic Talents! Specially designed for artists, we provide now HQ dedicated Websites to host and publish your webcomic series, then promote your whole universe! Not another platform with so many series that nobody find yours, just a brand new feature for […]

2 mins read

Comic Con Paris 2017 : Get Ready !

Before Halloween, Comic Con Paris in France is the place to be ! Warn fans, after New York Comic Con and C2E2 in Chicago, Comic Con Paris 2017 is back in France from the 27th to the 29th of October at La Vilette ! Meet comic book artists and new creators, cosplayers, actors and movie makers. Featuring Brian […]

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