The Webcomic Talents : The Webcomic Hosting by AOW!
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The Webcomic Talents : The Webcomic Hosting by AOW!

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It’s a new step in the Art Of Webcomics journey, we are lauching The Webcomic Talents!

Specially designed for artists, we provide now HQ dedicated Websites to host and publish your webcomic series, then promote your whole universe!

Not another platform with so many series that nobody find yours, just a brand new feature for webcomic artists who wish to join us, and beeing promoted while they host their webcomic with us.

Simple to manage and elegant, each Webcomic Talents website is branded for your series, mobile optimized, and comes with a landing page with an exclusive review, SEO optimized.

We set up your website for you and keep in touch with you all the time. We provide our creative assistance on demand, always take care and watching.

As always, to keep it exclusive to a few but open to everyone, the Webcomic Talents feature is available as a support reward through our patreon.

Once again, we see Art Of Webcomics as a kind of art agency that brings together artists and writers who want to share passion, while beeing in a way beyond the mainstream, to really exist as an attractive alternative.

Indie Creators are sometimes far from standards. We can see everywhere some standardized commercial webcomic series that tend to capture all the attention.

So we need to create an original framework to welcome every projects, and make them a priority. And yes, we’ll get our own (re)mainstream!

We want to say a big thanks to talented artists who joined us the last month, Michael Mortimer, creator of The Disfunctional Friends, and Tim Eldred, creator of Grease Monkey and Pitsberg, lucky we are!

Thank you to all the artists who are part of the adventure, we would not sleep if we could, just to be with you all the time!


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