Artist of the Week : Meet Phenylketonurics !

Artist of the Week : Meet Phenylketonurics !
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It is a singular personality that we welcome today, sharp and enthusiastic.

Phenylketonurics aka Mary Haney is a born artist, and you’ll have a crush on “There’s No Such Thing as Jason – I.T.” as we do !

Hey Mary, we’re glad to meet you !

– Where are you come from ?

I am from the depths of a chemical bond quite severe, blue and red links where synaptic stressors make leaps undoubtedly risky (and with much elan).

 – How old are you ? ( tell it or not !)

I’m telling it, yo, a very wobbly 31 years old.

 – Influences ?

The madness of this world at large, the alien family I am so honoured to live with, and holy lordy, the almighty COMMERCIALISM IN AMERICA.  From video games to cartoons and all the media associated with it.

 – Art school or not ?

For me personally, absolutely art school.  It proved an invaluable resource not for the technical growth but for the experience.  Being around and learning from people extremely passionate about what they do is an otherworldly experience.  Immersed in the minds, the actions, the beats of these other galaxies lends a perspective of gratitude and humility rarely found outside of an academic arts setting.

 – Favorite digital art software ?

The most affordable one.  Digital art software should be as easily accessible as possible.  While I use a programme that cost as much as a personal computer (with a terrible subscription service option), I much prefer Clip Studio Paint for its utilities and value.

 – What is your working method ?

Bury deep into the infrastructure of the ecosystem, run through the veins, course about in metabolic frailty (which is simultaneously tenacious), and empty out.  Completely and totally disconnect and clear that cache.

 – What your webcomic is about, in a symbolic way, the hidden sense ?

There’s No Such Thing as Jason – I.T. is a personal dialogue for me. An inner conversation attempting to decipher observations and expectations of why we do what in the ecosystem of our (in)sanity.

– How do you see your future ?

I see my future with nonstop giddy glee over putting more story to different characters and creations.  I am a mad addict for character-driven pieces so I really hope to continue sharing and surrounding myself with this manner of storytelling.

– Your next goal ?

I am definitely looking forward to finishing up my backburner comic, Candour is Going Mad while creating some cool goodies with it !

– Advices for beginners ?

Please don’t get too lost in the feeling that your comic isn’t good enough or that it’s a waste of time to work on.  It IS good enough and there’s no better way to pass your time than by creating and fostering a world all your own!

– Your technical secret trick ?

Look at everything like you’ve never seen it before in your life.  And never look back.

Thanks to Phenylketonurics !

Support Mary “Phenylketonurics”, she disverves it !—-IT

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Artist of the Week : Meet Phenylketonurics !
Artist of the Week : Meet Phenylketonurics !
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