Some great webcomics are haunted by a fascinating character. Frantic Live tells the story of Michael Rust, a charismatic Rock band singer.  Mykel Lukasiewicz has created a living legend. The…
Krystina Atkins aka Kryspix is the creator of Soul Bound. Open doors to a new world ! Welcome Krystina ! – Where do you come from ?  Australia – How…
You love Daft Punk, TRON Legacy, and Mistery skulls animated ? She too ! “She”, it’s Kris Martini aka Dratinigirl. She’s actually pretty darn good and you’ll be hearing from her. Hey…
You’re gonna be fan of EPIC Ethel, if not already, as we are! Let’s get to know better the talented creator behind this awesome universe! Splendid. – Influences?That’s a big…
The Changeling’s Sister is a highly recommendable webcomic by Signe Sønderhousen aka Yondoloki ! Wait, is my twin sister is actually a Doll ? Hi Yondoloki ! – Where do…

EPIC Ethel : Special interview with creator Hab Oh!

You’re gonna be fan of EPIC Ethel, if not already, as we are! Let’s get to know better the talented creator behind this awesome universe! Splendid. – Influences?That’s a big one. In terms of “hustle” and entrepreneur grit, I’d say the late-great Jim Henson. Seriously, look up his history and how he got to The […]

5 mins read

Tim Eldred: The Making Of PITSBERG

An exclusive look behind the scenes with artist and writer Tim Eldred at the making of Sci-Fi multimedia graphic novel PITSBERG! Do you need a particular environnement or music to be inspired ? Inspiration comes from simply walking into my studio every morning and being surrounded by all the stuff I love. Books, music, DVDs, […]

7 mins read

The Disfunctional Friends: Meet Dark Mortimer!

The Disfunctional Friends is an incredibly fun webcomic series imagined and produced by Michael Mortimer. Both designer and writer on the series, Michael mixes many genres, to better reveal contours of existence. Do not miss any episode of this amazing weekly webcomic show! Hi Michael, welcome on Art Of Webcomics! – Where do you come […]

7 mins read

Manga Academy: If I were… Jeffanime portrait!

Jeffanime aKa Jeffrey Phelps is a super talented illustrator and manga artist, creator of the amazing Manga Academy series. He currently lives in Cleveland, USA. Hello Jeffrey, welcome on Art Of Webcomics, here we go! If you were a color?BlueIf you were an animal?A tigerIf you were a city?TokyoIf you were a book?My comic If […]

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PITSBERG: Tim Eldred is our special guest!

When Tim Eldred is not directing some of the greatest TV animation productions, he helms few amazing comic series as Grease Monkey and PITSBERG, an innovative SF multimedia webcomic. Absolutely breathtaking! This is time to take a break and have a good talk. Hello Tim, welcome on Art Of Webcomics!– Where do you come from? I […]

4 mins read

Gnarly Science: Special Interview with Michael Ferraro

Michael Ferraro is the dude. He is a whole part of his work. In a sens, he is one of his characters in the flesh. We definitively enjoy that! Gnarly Science is the quintessence of cool evoquing Ghostbusters, Ninja Turtles, or Weird Science, but also colorful retro gaming. Life can be though sometimes, and books, […]

4 mins read

AZTEC EMPIRE: Treasure Interview with Paul Guinan!

Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett with their Inkpot Awards at the San Diego Comic Fest! The creative couple is behind Aztec Empire, one of the most exciting graphic novel series today, using documentation to battle the myths surrounding this epic! Aztec Empire detailing the fall of the Aztec in never-before-seen detail and accuracy. Paul Guinan, […]

4 mins read

Under The Moonlight : Meet Shighguard!

Written by Shighguard and drawn by artist AlkseeyaKC, Under The Moonlight is an epic fantasy tale that will charm you! Also author and creator of Adventures in Elseria, Shighguard is under the spotlight on AOW! Hello Ken, welcome on Art Of Webcomics!– Where do you come from? Michigan, United States– How old are you? ( […]

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LOSTLAND Returns!!

Webcomic Artist Makes Big Comeback With Post-apoc Story You enjoyed The Lostland…You’ll love LOSTLAND! Webcomic artist, J.M. Henry, returns from a long hiatus to announce the re-release of his long time project, “The Lostland”. The post apocalyptic adventure story now goes by “LOSTLAND” and tells the story of four wandering misfits and the strange twists […]

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The Amok Bros.:Our interview with Jim Kersey!

Jim Kersey is not a robot, but he likes to play with. His co(s)mic The Amok Bros. seems to say: Let’s back in time to see what the future looked like, when Aliens and Robots was a romantic uchronia. Lo-Fi and high talent. Jim Kersey is on orbit. Hi Jim, welcome on Art Of Webcomics! […]

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MK’s Jekyll & Hyde: Meet Marika Kapogeorgakis!

What if Jekyll and Hyde was not one single person, but two ? That’s the brillant idea of Marika Kapogeorgakis! Author and webcomic artist, Marika is also known for her work on a poetic webcomic series called Word Is The Bird. Today we’re gonna focus with her on The Strange Case Of Dr. Jeckyll & […]

4 mins read

The Webcomic Talents : The Webcomic Hosting by AOW!

It’s a new step in the Art Of Webcomics journey, we are lauching The Webcomic Talents! Specially designed for artists, we provide now HQ dedicated Websites to host and publish your webcomic series, then promote your whole universe! Not another platform with so many series that nobody find yours, just a brand new feature for […]

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The Back o’ Beyond : Meet Jon Walker !

Also known as JammyTheBirb, Jon Walker is the creator of the stupendous webcomic series The Back o’Beyond He also work on a bunch of other things, including? the webcomic series The Rose Thief. Embark with us on board for a great interview, and put plenty of wind in your sails ! Hello Jon, welcome on […]

10 mins read

Tales From Somewhere : Meet Las Pinter !

Stop time, take a break and enjoy the fantastic world of Laszlo Pinter ! Tales From Somewhere : Two rich webcomics “The Legend”, “The Secret” full of all kinds of ideas… and maybe some other hidden treasures you’ll find at?headquarters ! Medieval fantasy adventures beautifully staged and told by Las Pinter, a passionate artist who […]

7 mins read

Hellcephira : Special Interview with creator Ypsilenna !

Sure Ypsilenna could teach how to make a webcomic the right way and avoid some traps ! Here is our interresting chat with the creator of the beloved webcomic Hellcephira ! Genuine and avised, you’re gonna know more about?Luciferimus and Riamidea, and get some useful tricks to improve efficiency as creator ! Hello Ypsilenna, welcome […]

6 mins read

Super Frat & The Webcomic Factory : Tony DiGerolamo is our guest !

At Thanksgiving or at Christmas, you can count on Tony DiGerolamo ! In fact, you can count on the guy everyday to get fresh comics ! Well known for his work on the Bart Simpson comics, Tony DiGerolamo is a veteran comic book writer but also the forever young founder of The Wecomic Factory and […]

4 mins read

Monkey Junk : Who are you Chris McQuinlan ?

Written by Leigh Piper, Created and Illustrated by Chris McQuinlan, Monkey Junk is this smart weekly webcomic you love to read for privileged moments. Always on the run to catch new ideas, Chris McQuinlan takes a break on Art Of Webcomics ! Hi Chris ! – Where do you come from ?  Melbourne, Australia – […]

4 mins read

Comic Con Paris 2018 : Book your tickets !

Time to join the party in the City of lights ! Comic Con Paris 2018 the October 26-27-28 ! Incredible guests to meet in the flesh ! Frank Miller,?Andy Kubert,?Dan Jurgens,?Gail Simone, Peter Ramsey & Bob Persichetti (Spiderman New Generation)… ! Check the fantastic guests list ! Live an unforgettable trip?and celebrate Pop Culture at […]

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Comedy of the Carrion Angels : Interview with “Sheep” !

Don’t ask to know her name, she ‘ll answer you “Call me Sheep” ! The creator of The Comedy of the Carrion Angels is an enigma, that’s maybe why this webcomic is so special. No heroes there, but unmoral characters who live by their own rules in the hidden world of symbols. But make no […]

7 mins read

TURTLEBOY : Nice chat with webcomic creator Taz Hassiotis !

Enthusisatic and determined, Taz Hassiotis is the great entertainer who gave us Turtleboy ! Turtleboy is pure fun, epic adventures, but also a motivational story about surrounding yourself to acheive your goals, and a tribute to beloved classics. Today, Taz Hassiotis get the word on Art Of Webcomics ! Hi Taz, what a pleasure ! […]

8 mins read

The Solitary Divide : Lisa Nguyen is our special guest !

The Solitary Divide follows the character of Alexandra Pham, survivor in a post-apocalyptic webcomic created by?Lisa Nguyen Kind and open-minded, Lisa Nguyen talks with us about her childhood dream, her incredible series , and the way to cross a river twice ! As great artist as nice person. Hi Lisa, pleased to welcome you on […]

3 mins read

Spark in the Dark : Spacial interview with Tyler Burnworth !

Spark in the Dark is THE new sci-fi webcomic series to follow ! Created by Tyler and Lydia Burnworth, lines by Dinc Onur Aydin, colors by Eugene Betivu, don’t miss this new production of the founders ! We are pleased to meet Tyler Burnworth. Hi Tyler, welcome on Art Of Webcomics ! – Where […]

4 mins read

Black Page: Interview with the Diamond Beetle studio !

Black Page is a supernatural detective webcomic produced by a small independent studio named Diamond Beetle, a pool of creators, writer and artist. They did a hell of a job ! Hi Both, welcome on Art Of Webcomics ! – Where do you come from ?  The Netherlands – How old are you ? ( tell […]

6 mins read

Nine Twilights : Meet the dream team !

A comic is imagined, drawn, and then it exists. The strangest thing about it is that this world has its own life, so much so that sometimes we end up forgetting by reading the comic that people created it. Nine Twilights is that kind of story came to life magically, thanks to the great inspiration […]

12 mins read

The Constellation Chronicle: Interview with two shining stars

The Constellation Chronicle is a pulsating space opera, very well paced, helmed by EMI and SJ, better known across the galaxy as Emevsa ! Hi EMI, Hi SJ, welcome on board ! – Where do you come from ?  Emevsa is a collaborative duo. We actually come from opposite sides of the globe. SJ, our writer, […]

6 mins read

Lunch Tiiime: Exclusive interview with A.D. Birch !

Written and produced by A.D. Birch, drawn by?Guszulrus Zentlion, Lunch Tiiime is one of the successful webcomics on Line Webtoon. Here are (some of) the secrets of Aaron Birch, writer and producer of this hectic webmanga ! Hi Aaron, pleased to welcome you on Art Of Webcomics ! – Where do you come from ?? […]

4 mins read

Frantic Live : Mykel “Mue” Lukasiewicz in the spotlight

Some great webcomics are haunted by a fascinating character. Frantic Live tells the story of Michael Rust, a charismatic Rock band singer.  Mykel Lukasiewicz has created a living legend. The Fiction of the real. Hi Mykel, welcome on Art Of Webcomics ! – Where do you come from ?  I’m from NRW, Germany. – How […]

3 mins read

Numb: A chat with the artist Niina Eveliina Salmelin

Seeking for something different, far from the mainstream comics industry ? Just take a look at Numb, an eye catching webcomic by Niina Eveliina Salmelin. “The boundaries between life and death are shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one begins, and where the other ends?’?–Edgar Allan Poe. Hello Niina ! – Where do […]

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